Farrah Abraham Anal Sex Halloween Cam Show Set


I have no idea if you’re a fan of hot girls with big fake tits, pouty lips, and a serious attitude, but if you are, then you’ll want to keep reading. I’ve recently learned about the cam show of a lifetime set to take place the night before Halloween. It’s going to feature none other than Farrah Abraham!

For those of you unaware, Farrah’s a reality TV superstar that was on MTVs Teen Mom series. She had a child while in highschool and migrated into the adult entertainment world shortly after.

She’s even had taken some big professional dick from James Deen, the world’s most successful male performer out there today.

Farrah did get fucked in the ass during the making of her video with James Deen. The video was shot under Vivid.com and she made a cool seven figures for doing it on camera.

Now, she’s back in front of the camera but this time she’s doing webcam modeling.

farrah abraham anal halloween

You can check her out live on cam during an exclusive show taking place on Camsoda.com. The site estimates that close to 100,000 people will be watching the show as she performs anal sex on herself with sex toys she’s personally branded!

I should mention that she is also set to debut a new show called “Single AF,” which is another MTV series.

If you think you have what it takes to satisfy every single one of Farrah’s holes, then perhaps you should tune in for the fun. Do not miss this Halloween webcam show or you’ll regret it!

Trust me, I’ll be there!

If you want to learn more about Farrah Abraham before the show, then I suggest checking out the article that I recently published. I go into great details sharing the story of how she got started and where she’s at today. Let me kick things off by saying that she’s even had her vagina reconstructed just for this cam show! Check out the article here.

While I truly love this teen mom for all her dirty antics and naughty behavior, I’ve got to say that there are other models that I crush hard on just the same. For example, if you’ve never taken the infamous Gianna Michaels into a private chat session, then you’re missing out big time. Another girl I like to fuck on cam is Jada Fire (because she’s fire). Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is don’t just settle for one cam show, this site has a lot to offer across the board!

Farrah Abraham Shows Off Her New Vagina On Camsoda!


Do you know who Farrah Abraham is and what she’s done over the years? She’s the famous teen that got pregnant and was featured on a show called Teen Mom which aired on MTV years ago. Well, after filming the show, she moved to L.A. and decided that she was going to become a pornstar to make more money.

Farrah Abraham Camsoda Model

Credit: TMZ Getty Composite

This all happened back in 2013 and she made over a million dollars by having sex with James Deen. Well, the porn star is now into something similar yet less invasive from a physical perspective. She’s now officially a webcam model! (Model Profile Link)

Oh but wait, it gets much better!

Farrah Abraham has taken a beating over the years and her pussy has been pounded by numerous lucky gentlemen. While I’d love to say I was one of the guys that took her down doggy style, I simply cannot tell a lie. However, knowing just how much as gone on with Farrah and how important a perfect looking pussy is in this business, she did something most don’t…

Vaginal rejuvenation!

For those that don’t know what I’m referring to, Farrah Abraham had her vagina reconstructed. While I haven’t seen her newly revamped pussy just yet, I’m eager to see what it looks like. My guess is that she had her lips tucked a bit and maybe tightened things up back to her pre-baby days.

Now, while you can see some of the clips from the movie that Farrah Abraham made years back, it’s better to see her now! Having personally seen her in a high-end restaurant (not to be named), I can say that she looks better than ever before.

You’re probably wondering why so many people like Farrah. I can tell you right now that it has a few things to do with the way that she looks and her attitude.

For starters, Farrah has perfect tits and amazing lips that look like they were built for sucking dick. Whether you see her all dressed up for an event in Los Angeles or you catch her wearing yoga pants at the gym, she’s a dime piece. I’ve literally never seen a video or photo of Farrah where I wouldn’t fuck her. Simple as that, she’s always fuckable.

The other reason why I think guys like her is because she has this zero fucks attitude. That type of attitude makes lots of men think of her as being a bit bitchy to a certain extent, but guys love that. I strongly believe that many guys want to fuck girls that give them attitudes and what not.

Farrah Abraham MTV Awards

Credit: Getty

Would I fuck Farrah Abraham if given the chance? You bet your ass I would!

She will always be fuckable in my book and I intend on taking that freshly revamped vagina of hers into an exclusive one on one chat. If you’re not exactly sure what Camsoda is all about, I can tell you right now it’s the best cam site on the Internet. Read my personal story to learn more about it.

If you don’t believe me that this is 100% a true story, then you can check out the source link provided below. I heard the news from TMZ and when I did, it felt like Christmas morning.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2017/09/12/farrah-abraham-xxx-cam-show-cam-soda/

Daisy Marie Cam Review: Top 10 Porn Star Model


Have you ever heard of Daisy Marie? If not, you might be the only one. Seriously though, she’s a dime piece and one of the most popular porn stars out there today. Guess what else she does exceptionally well? You guessed it, she can strip live on cam better than anyone out there!

Heck, if you’ve been lucky enough to see her camming online then you’ve done what many guys are in line to do today. I know how difficult it can be to get her into a private one-on-one cam session on Camsoda. That’s because she’s in such high demand today.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about how hard it is to chat with her. Instead, I want to tell you why I love Daisy Marie so much and why I believe she’s an incredible Camsoda model.

Daisy Marie webcam review

Official Review Of Daisy Marie On Webcam

Here’s everything you need to know about taking Daisy Marie and taking her into a cam show on Camsoda.com. Full disclosure, I’ve spent about $300 with her over the last few months. Yes, I’m a big fan and you’ll soon understand why.

What can you do to get in touch with Daisy Marie? The first thing you need to know is that this girl can be bought. What I mean by that is you can pay money to get in touch with her. For example, if you want to chat with her via Snapchat, you can buy her Snapchat account name on Camsoda. If you wish to wait, you can always just click the “Email me When Online” and you’ll be notified when she hops online. I might also suggest connecting with her on Instagram because she posts super hot pics on her account.

Now, let’s get down and dirty with Daisy Marie and her cam show abilities.

I need to let you know right now that Daisy Marie is a fantastic girl that loves to toy her beautiful pussy. She can take just about any toy that you throw her way. Now, if you’re looking for a real treat, you’ll want to watch her fuck her dildo and play with her trusty vibrator at the same time. Trust me, she’ll do it for you, all you need to do is ask nicely and you’ll get what you want.

One thing I must say is that if you’re into the Hitachi magic wand, then you’ll want to see what she can do with it. I’ve literally seen Daisy Marie on the borderline of gushing because she’s soaking wet from that vibrator.

Another thing that Daisy does well is she parades around in sexy outfits. It seems like she’s constantly modeling outfits while on cam. It’s just something that she does and does it quite well. Although she’s a fitness freak, you’ll quickly find out that sex is her favorite form of exercise. There’s nothing better than watching her bounce those 36DD tits around while sitting on a hard dildo.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and you spend enough money, there might be a chance that she’ll actually fuck you in person. While I don’t think she does this often it’s possible that you might be able to meet her for sex. I can’t make any promises here but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask right?

Do you like tattoos? I’m a huge fan of girls with tattoos and those with them seem to be more daring. That holds true especially when it comes to having sex with someone. I personally can’t think of anything more satisfying than busting a huge load of cum all over Daisy’s back tattoo. It’s the perfect goal to have if you ever get to fuck her in person!

Is she free? Well, to be honest, you can chat live on cam with Daisy Marie absolutely free of charge. However, you’ll never have as good of an experience as I have unless you pony up some cash and make her feel extra special. Show her how much you care in dollar bills and she’ll show you the time of your life!

Take Daisy Marie for an exclusive chat but clicking here. Chances are you’ll like what you see and you’ll be coming back for more again and again. Trust me on this, I’m a huge advocate but also a dedicated webcam user.

My Review And Why I Love Jada Fire Chats All Day Long!


My guess is that you’ve spent time surfing the Internet for porn stars at one point or another. Am I right? Of course, I’m right! Well, I’ve recently had one hell of a time with a black busty porn star named Jada Fire. I’ve got a lot to share with you about her so you want to pay very close attention.

But first:

Have you joined Camsoda yet? If not, get a free account so you can check her out and understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Now back to what’s important, those big black tits of hers. Jada Fire is legit FIRE! Assuming you’ve never fucked a pornstar before, I cannot think of a better one to smash aside from this dime piece. Here’s what I learned about Jada when camming with her one-on-one.

Jada Fire

My Jada Fire Camsoda Exclusive Review

There were quite a few things that I discovered while chatting with the infamous Jada on Camsoda. It typically takes a lot for me to get super excited and hard but when I saw this model, it happened almost instantly. I knew within minutes that I was hooked and in it for the long haul with this bootylicious black girl. Yes, for reasons all listed below…

-Huge tits
-Great attitude
-Up for anything
-Filthy mouth

I’ll start with her titties. Honestly, those juggs couldn’t quite possibly get any bigger or better looking. The thought of her sticking my dick between them makes my member skyrocket. If you ask her nicely, she’ll jiggle those cans around as much as you’d like live on cam. Jada Fire actually enjoys titty fucking on cam and does a damn good job of it too.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this ebony star is her attitude. She’s probably got the best attitude of any black cam model that I know of today. Bet that my friend!

One other thing that’s fantastic about Jada Fire is that she’s all for it. What I mean by that is she will do just about anything you want her to do on cam. Yes, I’m referring to shoving the biggest and baddest dildos deep inside herself and doing just about anything including big dick anal sex. I’ve seen her do some of the wildest things you can’t even imagine. She’s been around the block and is a pro when it comes to fucking in front of the camera, let’s just say that.

Next on the list is her filthy mouth. This black babe is down for “dirty talk” and will talk you into cumming in a matter of seconds if you’re not careful. I’m dead serious, she is that dirty and knows exactly what to say when to say it and how. There’s nothing like a filthy potty mouth came girl that turns me on.

Jada Fire can and will squirt when she cums naturally. If she has a crazy enough orgasm, you’ll see her gush everywhere. I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes and it’s something that I particularly enjoy very much. If squirting is up your alley, then you might see her black pussy gush if you’re lucky!

Last but not least, I love the fact that she’s a pro when it comes to banging on and off camera. You know you’re really getting your coins worth when you take her into a private show. That’s how that goes.

Now, if you’re smart enough to have taken some action already, you can join 17k other Camsoda users that follow her like crazy. Take her for a spin, you won’t be sorry.

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Here’s How To Cancel Your Streamate Account


If you’re anything like many of the middle aged men out there, then chances are you’ve used the infamous Streamate cam site. Many guys are using this website to chat with horny cam models. Honestly, I can’t blame them because I used it myself for quite some time over the years. Now, there did come a time when I decided I had enough of Streamate, at which point I was ready to cancel my account and discontinue using the cam site.

Some people get extremely worried about canceling these types of accounts. They don’t believe that it’s easy when in actuality, canceling on this site couldn’t be any simpler.

How To Cancel Streamate account

Really, it’s as easy as it gets. Here’s what you need to do…

Steps To Cancel / Delete Your Streamate Account

Let’s say you’ve spent a ton of time and money using Streamate. However, you’ve found a better site that works for you that you like better. Understandable, there are tons out there. I cancelled my Streamate account when I joined Camsoda.com. Here are the exact steps that I took in order to cancel everything. Fear not, it was the easiest process I’ve ever done with regards to canceling a cam site account.

The first thing you want to do is go ahead and login to your Streamate account. You can do this by logging in just like you’d do during any other day. Once you’ve logged in, you’re going to want to scroll to the bottom of the page to look for the “Support” link.

This is the link that will lead you to the main customer support page. Once you’re on that page, you’ll want to head to the bottom of that page and look for a paragraph that states, “Close Your Account.”

Read that paragraph and towards the end you’ll find a blue hyperlink which reads, “you can close your account here.” Click the “here” and it will redirect you to another page which displays the current outstanding charges.

Assuming that you’ve paid everything, you’re in good shape and all you need to do is click the Submit button. Now, if you decide to agree to the outstanding Streamate charges, then that’s all you need to do. Click the submit button and your account is officially closed.

Now, let’s say you decide that you want to try using it again. Okay, not a problem at all. All you need to do is reactivate your account and you can start using the site once again.

Presto! You now know what you must do to both cancel and reactivate your Streamate.com account. If you’re interested in reading my official review on this site, you can do so by clicking here.

When all else fails and you are unable to cancel, all you need to do is use the live chat function to speak with support or you can email support@streamate.com and they’ll be able to help you out!

Allchatnetwork Review: It’s Horrible AF, So Run!


I recently took it upon myself to review the Allchatnetwork. The reason I did this was quite simple. I wanted to confirm that my senses were true, that this site was a load of garbage. Turns out, I was absolutely true in that respect and it all stemmed from what I saw when landing on the homepage.

Before I share my personal experience with you, I want to give you a rundown of what the site is generally all about and what I learned first using this chat site.

Allchatnetwork Site Review

My Personal Rundown Of The AllChatNetwork

For those of you not familiar with the Allchatnetwork, it’s basically an online chat site that involves texting with people from all across the world. The site claims to be a great way for people to connect with hundreds of people each and every time that you enter the all chat network.

But is that really the case?

Um…I’m going to go out on a limb and say heck know that’s not even close to accurate. After investigating things, I learned that this site was nothing but an antiquated chat platform used in a white label setting at best.

To be more specific, the website is actually powered by what is known as Kiwi IRC technology, nothing special at all. The website claims to have roughly 100 people online at any given time. I’ll be the first to tell you that this doesn’t seem like a lot of people to be online at once, especially for a chat or cam site. Sure, if you’re up for chatting with strangers that might be looters or complete fakes, then go for it. However, I choose to avoid them at all costs.

Do They Require Registration?

Nope, they do not require user to register at all. I find this to be risky for sure. Regardless of what you’re talking about, you might not be talking about appropriate things with people of a the proper age given the lack of user knowledge and protection. They claim the site’s for adults only but I don’t by that, especially since anyone of any age can use the site without registering.

Site Main Features

The Allchatnetwork has a couple of features that they claim to be pros of using the site. Whether or not you feel the same way is a different story.

  • They say 100 users are on the site at all times (big deal)
  • It’s simple to get started without an account (not safe)
  • You can change username every time you chat (another bad feature)
  • Change the appearance of the chat rooms (not a big deal really)
  • Optimize message sending and receiving (no idea why this matters)

Are There Any Real Benefits?

In my personal opinion, I’m going to go ahead and say that there are absolutely no real benefits to using this site. You might be chatting with a psychopath, serial killer, or some underage person that could get you in trouble. The company doesn’t really care about you or your safety at all. I’ve never been about to “get off” using this site. In fact, the website itself is nothing but trouble if you ask me. Try using this webcam network instead.

Live Jasmin Review: Everything I Learned Trying This Site


I’ve recently taken the time to explore the most popular cam site in the world, Live Jasmin. This site is one of those webcam sites that have been around for as long as I can remember. The models on this site are pretty awesome and they’ll do just about anything you want. Many people think it’s the absolute best, so is it? Well, not exactly, no.

Today’s review is going to be a bit different from the typical reviews that I write. Instead of spending time writing a book on my experience at LiveJasmin.com, I’m going to share some important information with you that pertains to a few things such as price, features, support, models, and quality. By doing this, you’ll have a better understanding as to whether or not this site is worth joining.

Live Jasmin Website Review

My Review After Using The Live Jasmin Chat Site

In the very beginning, anyone that comes across this site is able to notice just how high of a quality this site really is. The free registration, nice design, HD cams, and everything else really suck you in. It sounds like the best deal ever right? Well, it really isn’t and it’s all because the site costs a ton of money to use.

Soon as you begin using this site, you’ll notice that all of the models are professionals that do this for a living. Many of them are porn stars that sit on film 24/7 recording live sex videos. As professional as it sounds, it might not be the experience that you’re looking for, especially if you want the girl next door.

Some Site Features

If you take a moment to look around Live Jasmin, you’ll notice the following features that I’m about to point out. Keep in mind that I’m reporting this from the most neutral stand point possible.

Nice design and user interface that makes the site very appealing. It might have the most friendly design of all cam sites out there.

  1. Most of the models are easy to get to with a few clicks.
  2. Tons of fetish categories and other categories on the site.
  3. Most cameras are of high-quality and HD quality.
  4. Tons of pro photos of each model and great filter options.
  5. Sex toy integration allowing you to control the vibrations of the models

I’ll Cover The Costs Now

One of the things that I dislike about this site is the high costs associated with it. You’re going to spend anywhere between $1.99 and $5.99 per minute using Live Jasmin. The kicker here is that there are additional costs involved with using this site should you decide to use the VibraToy and OhMiBod type toys.

The good news is that there are no hidden fees associated with LiveJasmin and you shouldn’t expect to get hit with any other charges aside from the typical per minute charge.

Here’s What I Hate About It

There are a few things that I really don’t like about this site.

Most of the performers are professional or work for a studio. No “real” amateur girls.

Price per model is super high in comparison to other options out there.

What I Like About It

The quality is nice and the models are skilled at what they do.

If you’re like me and you use your mobile phone a lot, then this site will work well for you on the go.

There are literally hundreds of models that use the site on a daily basis so you can connect with many all day long.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that Live Jasmin is a decent site but it’s not the absolute best online. There are far better sites if you’re looking for raw and uncut models that live next door looking to just bang for you on cam. I suggest you check out my review of Camsoda if you want to see what I use the most.

Tori Black Live On Cam Is Better Than Life Itself


My favorite cam girl of the week is none other than Tori Black. She’s by far one of the best cam models that I’ve ever come across. There are so many girls on the Internet that are camming daily to try and make some money online. The one girl that works harder than any other girl on the web is Tori Black.

If you don’t know who Tori Black is then you’re certainly losing out on just about everything you can imagine and more. There’s a reason why this Camsoda model is considered to be the top girl within the adult film industry in 2017. She’s legit a goddess if you ask me and you’ll never meet a girl that does what she does for fans.

The reason I say this is that she makes her fans a top priority and making them feel important as well as helping them cum is what Tori lives for. You’ll find out just how impressive she is and what she can do for you if you take a moment to read about her below. Here are the main reasons why I love Tori Black.

Tori Black on Camsoda.com

Reasons Tori Black Is The Best Cam Girl EVER!

There are many reasons why Tori Black is considered to be the queen of cock and her pussy is considered to be the hottest commodity ever. You’ll soon realize that her pussy is worth more than gold. If you’re all about being able to cum, then you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so if your fucking this girl live on cam. That being said, here are some of the many reasons that I love Tori and her pussy.

Perfect Looking Pussy

One thing I must say about Tori Black is that she’s got the perfect pussy that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve seen her insert toys deep in her pussy and even beer bottles. If you like girls that are able to stretch their holes then this one is above all because she sets the bar for sure.

Tons of Videos

Another reason I love Tori Black is that she provides so much media on Camsoda. If you visit her page, you’ll notice that she’s got more than 50 videos recorded on Camsoda alone and you’ll also find that she’s online almost 8 hours a day when not shooting porn. That reason alone should make anyone want to join Camsoda.com and chat with her.

Filthy Mouth

Okay, so I took Tori into a one-on-one exclusive private chat and her mouth was absolutely filthy, in a good way. I asked her to talk dirty to me and some of the things that she said nearly made me cum instantly. Tori has a knack for filthy talk and it’s some sort of skill that she’s successfully developed.

Loves Anal

Did I forget to mention that Tori Black loves anal sex? How could I forget that! She is so well trained and he asshole can take just about anything regardless of the size, girth, and depth. That’s what I really love about this beautiful girl. She’s something special, that’s for sure!

Pro With Hitachi

If you’re a fan of the Hitachi magic massage wand then you’ll love watching Tori use it. She might be what most consider a pro when it comes to heavy machinery and toying herself. Not everyone is able to toy their pussy and squirt like Tori, but she gets is done like an absolute champ!

Lots of Sexy Social Chat

If you’re the type that likes to chat with girls for free before taking them private, then you’ll really appreciate the fact that Tori Black is a huge fan of chatting on Camsoda as well as other social platforms. She’s one of those girls that will get back to you with an answer and let you know just how she’s doing. Nothing’s worse than a snobby porn start. Thank god Tori isn’t one of those.


Well, if these reasons don’t turn you on, then I’m not sure that you like girls. I’ve been hard the entire time just thinking about how dirty Tori is and what she’s going to do with my cock. It’s basically a guarantee that you’ll cum buckets if you get her into a private chat even for just a few minutes. Connect with her today by visiting her profile.

How To Become A Cam Girl (Simple Steps)


I can’t believe I’m writing this article right now but I am. Over the last few weeks, I’ve actually had a few girls reach out to me via email asking how they can become a cam girl. Truth be told, I didn’t have any clue how these girls could get there start in this profession. Knowing that I was going to get more inquiries about this, I set out to learn more about the process.

It should come as no surprise that these girls are paid to be on cam and that adult webcamming is a big business. In fact, it might be one of the most popular “make money from home” type job out there today. While lots of cheap guys just search the Internet for free webcam porn, many guys actually spend money to chat with these beautiful women. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s part of my daily routine. In fact, I find more pleasure in doing so than anything else I’ve done in years.

Enough about that though, you want to know how to get a webcam modeling job and what it takes to be a star? Great, I got you covered all right here!

Become A Cam Model

How To Become A Webcam Girl And Make Money Online

Here’s a quick rundown of the things that you need to do if you want to become a cam girl model that brings home the bacon.

The first thing you need to realize is that you need to join the right studio if you want to make money camming. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is reach out to the folks at Camsoda and they’ll gladly do what’s necessary to get you up and running. However, there is some legal stuff that you need to go through here in the process.

You will need to submit a bunch of basic legal documents such as your social security number, driver’s license, and a W-9 form. This is so you can legally get paid as a professional webcam worker.

Next, you’ll need to connect with the cam studio and get help setting up your profile page. This isn’t all that difficult. Honestly, it’s like setting up your Facebook or Instagram profile. Chances are that you know how to do that without a doubt.

From there, you’ll want to pick up some sex toys and some sexy lingerie to wear while on cam. Most girls on cam that make a lot of money where high heels, insert huge toys in their pussies, and they do just about anything you can think of to turn guys on. Some of them will go to the extreme to make that happen too.

Now, the question is whether or not you get other perks as a cam model performing on Camsoda. Some cam sites allow you to block certain locations so that you’re not showing yourself to locals in your neighborhood, state, or country. Also, the content that you produce here on Camsoda is copyright protected. That means you don’t have to worry about your content being stolen on the site.

There are lots of other perks if you join but I can’t cover all of them. If you’re interested in joining, all you need to do is visit this link and get signed up in a few simple steps.

I know, the guys that like my cam girl reviews are bullshit that I took the time to explain this and not show some cam pussy off, but such is life!

Is Cammodel.com Worth Joining?


As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of using cam sites. This has gone on for literally as long as I can remember. If it’s your first time checking out my site, then I’m sure you might have a fetish for cams or you just might be interested in joining one or sites. Well, I took the time to give CamModel.com a try this weekend. In doing so, I was able to determine just about everything that you need to know about the site. Before I kick things off, I want you to know that just because I write a review about a cam site doesn’t necessarily mean I endorse it. I’m simply sharing my own personal opinion on the site and everything that I experienced while using it.

CamModel.com Site

My Experience Using Cammodel.com (Complete Review)

The first thing you need to know is that when I landed on this site, I knew that I had seen something similar before. I thought that it was perhaps me mistyping Cammodels.com or something but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, what I discovered was that the Cammodel.com website was the spitting image of Streamate.com. As you may know, the site has a ton of self-branded sites that they run. This is a way for them to sell the services under a different brand. In this case, it’s Cam Model and it actually turned out to be a fine experience.

I must say, I actually had a better time using this site than the traditional Streamate website. The colors were softer and the layout made it simple to see which category had the most models on the site. I think when I originally first checked it out, there were over 1,700 models on the site.

Some of the models that I had the pleasure of chatting with were absolute stars! By that, I mean they were smoking hot and could make dildos disappear like it was nobody’s business. Girls like Maggie Green, Jade Ireland and Hola18 were live on the site and trust me, they put their pussies to work like never before.

Now, if I had to choose which category I enjoyed the most I’d have to say the Babes category. Reason being, I love a hot cam girl (like Jenna Shea) that’s willing to do just about anything to get someone off. These girls were willing and able to do that and then some. My favorite girl was Jade Ireland by far.

As far as cost is concerned, the girls were not too expensive. Most of them were pretty affordable given that they only charge an average of $3.99 per minute. However, some of them tend to lag and waste time a lot in the first minute or so. That pisses me off beyond belief. However, not all the models try and do this but most waste time within the first 30 seconds. They want to know that you’re not a one-minute man trying to just bust a nut in the quickest way. Trust me, the girls absolutely hate when you cum too quickly. I’ve done it before and it hasn’t bode well with the girls. Don’t get nervous about it though, they just want you to last longer because they make more money. There’s no secret to that sauce!

Overall, I must say that my experience using the Cammodel.com site was decent but certainly not the best on earth. I’ve had way better experiences chatting with some of the Camsoda models. They just seem more down to earth and it’s not as costly. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on Cammodel.com. The choice is yours really, just prefer chatting with this model over all others on Cammodel.com.