Amy Juggs Loves Toying Her Pussy On Cam


I’m sure you’ve heard of Amy Juggs. She is an Internet star that resides in the UK. It should come as no surprise that Amy has a huge following. In fact, her following is almost as big as her tits! I’ll give you the full rundown on Amy and why you need to know who she is if you’re not already familiar. I’ll start with the basics so you can educate yourself on some of the big tit essentials!

amy juggs camsoda

Closeup of Amy Juggs tits.

Who Is Amy Juggs And Why Is She Awesome?

Amy Juggs is a webcam starlet that has just about the biggest cans I’ve ever seen live on cam. Her following is massive and her tits are so big that I don’t even know the actual size of them. I’ve seen her swing her juggs back and forth and up and down during her crazy camming sessions. The guys typically go wild over her as she can’t even keep her tits in her bra most of the time.

If you’re into blue eyes then her eyes will pull you in like a tractor beam. I have to admit that Amy has some of the nicest looking eyes I’ve ever seen on any busty woman.

I also like the fact that she’s into all types of people. By that, I mean that she’s not afraid to chat with men, women, and even couples. Having said that, I would love to have a threesome with Amy and another girl. I can’t even imagine the fun that would bring!

Amy Juggs has some hot body piercings and brunette hair. Now, one thing I must warn you about. Amy hates people that aren’t polite. So, if you’re an asshole, then I suggest you steer clear of Amy because she’ll put you in her place in no time. Heck, she might even hit you in the head with her big tits if you’re not nice.

If you like huge boobs and chatting with hot girls then give this cam girl a shot. You will not find a girl that will get you off faster. Trust me! Actually, there is one girl that just might be able to get you off just as quick but that’s because she’s been having sex professionally for over ten years. She’s got huge tits too and is a favorite among the cam lovers. Take Amy Juggs private on Camsoda and give her the shot she deserves. You won’t be sorry if you do!

Why I Love Dana DeArmond Live On Cam


There are just so many cam girls that are on Camsoda, I can’t seem to find the time to enjoy all of them. However, I always make time for Dana DeArmond. If you’re not familiar with who this girl is then you’re in for a real treat. Dana is one of those busty California girls that doesn’t give a fuck about anything. She’s willing to fuck, suck and basically do anything you want her to do on her webcam. I’m going to tell you exactly why I enjoy taking this dirty girl into a private chat session.

dana dearmond live on cam

Dana DeArmond Live Chat In Bathtub

Dana DeArmond Is Awesome For All These Reasons…

Okay, now I know you’ll want to take this girl live for a private session the second that you start reading this. However, I’m going to suggest that you keep reading this post to learn as much as you can about this brunette babe first.

1. She’s An Adult Hall of Famer
There is something to be said about a girl that makes it big in the adult industry. Most can fuck like professionals and when some hot girl actually makes it into the AVN hall of fame, you know she’s a smoking hot fuck session. I’ve been with lots of women but never a Hall of Famer has badass as Dana DeArmond.

2. She’s Got A Nice Bush
I love women that keep a nice landing strip. Dana DeArmond is that type of girl. She has a super sexy bush that will make you want to cum all over it. It especially looks hot when she’s playing in the shower or tub and there’s water beading off of it.

3. Dana DeArmond Has Perfect Tits
I’m also a man that loves nice big tits. Guess what, Dana has 34F tits that flop around like you’ve never seen when she’s fucking her toys while webcamming. There’s a good chance that she’ll even attempt to suck her own tits for you while you’re watching her fuck herself. Some type of sight that just can’t be unseen really.

4. She’s willing to chat socially
Having spent a significant amount of time on social networks, I know how important it is to try and connect with these girls as much as you can. That said, Dana DeArmond is willing to send DMs and more on almost any social networking platform out there.

5. She Loves Wearing Heels
Dana has a pair of sexy red heels that I absolutely love. It’s common for her to wear these while getting in a little double penetration action with her favorite sex toys. While she doesn’t have anything that’s as sophisticated as cyber dildonics play, I’d love it if she did!

Anyway, I can’t get too worked up here about Dana DeArmond or I’m going to want to spend all fucking day in an exclusive cam session with her. If these reasons aren’t enough for you to want to fuck her on webcam, then I don’t know what to say! Maybe you don’t like hot pussy! Check out her official profile page.

Hottest Camsoda Instagram Updates And Why I Love Them


It’s a perfect sunny day today and I really love trolling on Instagram looking for Camsoda girls posting photos and videos. Most of the time when I’m not chatting with them, I’m looking for hot clips or just a few photos that I can get my hands on to jerk off. I’m not going to do that today. Instead, I’m going to share some of the hottest mainstream pics that I have been able to dig up from the Camsoda social media sites.

Camsoda Instagram Top Social Updates

camsoda instagram pic 1

Camsoda model @darkangel

This  girl is smoking hot. Her name is Victoria Banxx and she’s fire! With a body like that, I can’t think of anything I would rather do than drop a huge load of jizz deep inside her. She has the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen too. I took her private for about and hour. Watching her use a huge dildo was a real treat and a half for me!

camsoda instagram pic 2

I just like this IG update because I truly love when cam girls are flexible enough to put their legs behind their back. It gives me this euphoric feeling that I’ve never had in my entire life. I think that you should take time to browse the girls and look for some that are extremely flexible. You’ll be surprised just how flexible they really are.

camsoda instagram pic 3I like this photo because I’m a huge Charley Hart fan. She’s got the best attitude and will legit fuck anyone. She’s got crazy piercings and tattoos, which are enough to drive the average man wild. Don’t sleep on this girl. Take her private to find out more about her.

camsoda instagram pic 4

This busty horny doll is named Brooklyn Chase and she’s got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. Brooklyn is such a beautiful blonde that has the world’s best-looking pussy. I’m not joking about that either. If you look up the term “perfect pussy” you may find a photo of hers in there.

camsoda instagram pic 5

I saved the best for last. This is a hot Instagram update featuring Darcie Dolci and she’s absolutely beautiful. I would marry this girl if given the chance. I can’t think of another girl on this planet that I’d rather fuck instead of Darcie. Her attitude is fantastic and she’s a real down to earth girl. The curves on her were absolutely stunning to the point that I cannot think of another model with a better body.

I love all of these cam girls and what I love the most about them is that they all post socially and share their personal information with members of Camsoda. Unlike other webcam sites that only allow you to connect with girls via the site, this one has become the perfect hub to meet girls, chat privately and eventually fuck them in person.

Smart and sexy, double tap for smart girls #Camsoda #smart #sexy #glasses #thick

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Why I Love Chatting With Gianna Michaels


I have a confession to make today and it involves a special girl. Her name is Gianna Michaels. She has got to be one of my all-time favorite girls ever. I’ve spent literally years watching Gianna Michaels have sex with over a hundred guys and it’s been wonderful. However, I’ve now got something so much better than just a simple video that I can playback over and over. This time, I can actually chat with Gianna live on webcam for free. I’m going to list out all the reasons why I love Gianna Michaels right now. You’ll soon understand exactly why I think she’s the absolute bomb!

gianna michaels

gianna michaels @ Camsoda booth during a convention.

Reasons I Love Gianna Michaels Live On Cam

There are so many reasons why I personally enjoy spending time chatting with Gianna Michaels on cam. I’ll give you the play by play rundown of why she’s so fantastic, but before I do I just want to say how much I love watching most of the girls on Camsoda. Gianna is just one of the many that I love chatting with.

First, I want to mention is how dirty Gianna really is on cam. If you’ve seen her perform on video, imagine asking her to be completely filthy as can be live on chat. She’ll do it because she’s an absolute professional, to say the least!

I’d also like to mention how huge her tits look on cam. I’ve literally made her suck her tits on command while web camming with her and it was breathtaking. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get her to giggle those huge fun bags all around and perhaps even spread some chocolate on them. All you have to do is ask.

Now, this reason won’t shock anyone that’s a true bush fan. Gianna has a huge hairy bush. I actually have had her rub her hairy bush while toying herself with a huge dildo and I think that might have been the best day of my life.

Gianna also has a hot juicy ass that’s perfect for fucking. She’s no stranger to dick and that shouldn’t come as any surprise to you at all.

Anyway, those are some of the main reasons why I absolutely love Gianna Michaels. I’m pretty certain that you’re going to love her as well. If you get a chance to chat with her then I’d suggest throwing her some tokens so she knows you really like her. It’s one of those things that gets her really excited about chatting with Camsoda users. She’s just as wild as Nikki Sotelo if not more! Give her a shot and you will not be sorry. Check out her profile page: click here. Actually, before I forget, they did an awesome podcast interview with Gianna that you’ll want to listen to if you’re a true fan. Listen to it now.

Five Signs A Webcam Girl Likes You


You can never be sure of whether a webcam girl likes you or not. All women and girls are different and so is every relationship. It’s especially difficult to tell when the girl is a cam model. There’s some important advice that I have for you if you want to better understand whether a girl likes you or not. If you have been interested in someone for some time and haven’t had the guts to approach them or talk to them, you might first want to confirm whether or not she is actually into you.

signs a webcam girl likes you

Five Simple Signs That A Webcam Girl Likes You

There are some true tell tale signs that a cam chick likes you. I can guarantee that if she’s doing any of the things mentioned, then she probably likes you. I know that some of this stuff better applies to those that are dating local girls but the same applies to cam models.


Mimicking is probably the biggest form of connection between two individuals. Mimicking allows you to develop a great connection between yourself and the person you are trying to flirt or connect with. It is sort of a way of showing that you are truly interested in them. You’ll need to go one-on-one in a private chat to do this but that’s easy to do on Camsoda.

Body Temperature

Body temperature is an important factor in assessing whether or not a girl likes you. If a cam girl tells you that she’s getting warm and feeling hot then it’s likely because you’re turning her on and heating her up. Once we become interested in someone, we typically experience a rush of blood to our heads that can make our lips warm and give us a very warm feeling in general. Men have a habit of noticing all these little signs and body temperature is one of the biggest ones of them.

Hair Flipping

If she is flipping her hair for you, she is probably into you. Most cam models love to play with their hair and there is some serious truth behind them doing it. If a girl touches her hair a lot on cam, she probably likes you for more than one reason. Most men pick up on this sign pretty quickly. Playing with her hair just shows how comfortable she is in front of you. Therefore, you should take this as a sign that she really likes you. I love chatting with girls on cam that spend time flipping their hair.


Ahem, yes, touching is an integral part of any relationship and if a girl touches herself or says she wants to touch you, chances are that she is into you. When we like each other, we are more likely to want to touch one another. If a girl touches her pussy on cam, then she’s probably into you. Most people don’t realize that some girls can get away with just getting naked and that’s it. So when a girl touches her pussy on cam for you without you asking then she’s probably really into you. Touching is crucial and a significant part of any relationship, even one with a camgirl that you’ve never met in person. Some of the girls may even use cyber dildonics and if they touch themselves with that type of toy without you asking then you know they really like you.


Laughing is a direct indication that the person you like is into you. If a girl laughs when she looks at you or is camming with you, she really enjoys chatting with you. A girl doesn’t laugh just for the fuck of it. Take laughter as a sign that she likes you and actually wants to chat with you. When I get in private chats with some of these girls, I always make it a point to try and make the girls laugh.

Now, it’s not even all that important that a webcam girl even like you. After all, you are paying for her services. However, it does help you have a better experience and get more out of every chat that you have with someone.