Sheza Druq – Why I Like Her And Other Spanish Cam Girls


I recently took this cam girl private that goes by the name Sheza Druq on Camsoda live. After not using the site for about three days due to business travels, I jumped back on the horse and came across this beautiful Spanish girl. I wanted to take her for a test drive so that’s exactly what I did.

As you know, I’ve been known to like models with caramel colored skin, so as soon as I saw this cutie I knew it was time to go. She had the most delicious looking boobs that I’ve ever come across. I’m talking about 34DD cans that she just couldn’t keep in her bra for the life of her.

sheza druq Live on

The sexy spanish girl had a thick body and a beautiful accent that made my dick hard as a rock in a matter of seconds. She’s relatively new to the site so it’s likely that you haven’t seen her online before. I can tell you that she’s got a number of followers already, tracking her every move. Last time I checked she had about 1,700 people following her.

If you search online for her name, you’ll come across tons of videos of her twerking and showing off her big juicy clit. One thing that I need you to know is that she’s all over Instagram as well! I can’t get over some of the photos she’s sharing on IG alone! Her booty is absolutely ridiculous as are her tits. Here are some photos of her that you might enjoy. Try not to drool over them too much!

sheza druq posing on IG

Actually, I’ve decided I want to tell you why I love these Spanish cam girls so damn much! I’ll list out the main reasons why I get sucked into these girls lives and spend tons of cash on them.

#1 Huge Tits – Most of the Spanish girls that I know have enormous boobs. They’ve been blessed with these full titties that are just perfect to grab onto. Not to mention, they’re ideal for sticking your dick between.

#2 Great Attitude – For the most part, many of the Spanish girls on Camsoda have excellent attitudes and their main objective is to please people. I absolutely love that about them. It gives me a warm feeling inside that they care so much about pleasing me as well.

#3 Ass For Days – Yes, you heard that right and it’s easy to see what I’m talking about here. Sheza Druq and many of the other Spanish models out there have a booty that can basically clap on its own! It’s something out of a freakshow that you can’t help but want to swallow your cock!

Another IG photo of Sheza Druq

Those are the top three reasons why I absolutely love Spanish webcam models. Do yourself a favor and spend some time chatting with Sheza Druq and let me know how it goes. You can find her right here.

Black BustyPetite Gets Off Guys Live On Cam


So, as you know I’m a guy that’s very fond of black girls. If you didn’t know that, well, now you and that’s the least of what you need to know here today. The reason I say that is because I’ve got a perfect black girl to share with you today. Her name is BustyPetite and by the sounds of things, I’m guessing that you can easily understand what she’s all about.

The bottom line is that she’s black, busty and ready to bang at any moments notice! You’re probably wondering how I know this. Well, truth be told, I got to know her quite well over the last couple weeks. It’s all because I’ve been chatting with her on webcam at night after work. There are quite a few reasons why I love chatting with this girl and I’m gonna share them all with you now.

bustypetite review

Everything I Adore About Black BustyPetite

Before I get into the things that I love about this girl, let me give you some details about her. For starters, she is a hot ebony cam girl that’s got thousands of followers on Camsoda. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. She’s 21 years old, has a booty that won’t quit and sports the juiciest 32DDD tits in the entire world!

I’m telling you the truth when I say that she can make that booty clap like no other out there. Actually, I shouldn’t say that. There are lots of other black girls out there that have perfect tits and asses such as Cherise Roze and a couple others.

However, I’m currently liking BustyPetite more so than any of them just because she’s got this badass attitude that simply won’t quick.

Want to know her real name? It’s Niyah Renee and she’s all over Instagram too. That’s actually another reason why I love her. She’s not afraid to post on social media and show her body off. Most of these girls like to live discreet lives and just fuck on cam. Not Niyah aka BustyPetite, she’ll do just about anything on cam and in person if you got cash to back up your request!

This bad chick is on Snapchat too, but you’re going to have to pay her for her social media username. The good news is that if you do decide to pay her the 300 tokens she’s requested, you’ll end up getting snaps of her masturbating, sucking dick, and spreading that big black ass of hers. I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening versus watching those all night. Actually, strike that, I can think of one better way and that would be to fuck her in a cam to cam session. I absolutely love it when she gets guys off on cam too. It makes me feel like I’m the one she’s fucking. I honestly can’t describe it but it’s incredible and something that you have to experience for yourself.

The Chi-town chick is willing and ready to get naked on cam if you’re into black women. My suggestion would be to definitely check her out. I’ve had a ton of fun with BustyPetite and I’m pretty certain that you’ll have fun too.

One last thing before I go, I wanted to share a video with you which showcases her dancing in some WSHH type video. It’s hot AF so check it out!

TawneyDarling Cam Model Review


I’ve been following this one specific cam girl by the name of TawneyDarling. I’ve actually met her when she was live on the Tawney Chaturbate profile and I spent a significant amount of time chatting with her. That said, I’ve since migrated over to her Camsoda profile because she uses it more and it’s a better cam site in general. Let me give you a rundown of everything that I’ve discovered about this beautiful cam girl and why you need to know who she is. My guess is that you’ve never taken the time to actually chat with her and now’s the time to do so if you haven’t!

Tawneydarling Model Reviews

Screencap of Tawney During A Cam Show

Six Things I Love About TawneyDarling

I’m going to break things down here for you and spoon feed you some things that I absolutely love about Tawney. Chances are you’ll have a burning desire to chat with her once I’m done. Now, if you’re out and about, you might want to make sure you can get back to your place in a matter of minutes because I predict a huge boner is about to set in. Nope, I’m not a fortune teller, I just know good pussy when I see it. Here are all the reasons Tawney is absolutely incredible.

1. She’s All Over Social Media

I love the fact that TawneyDarling is not afraid to show off herself and express her thoughts socially. In fact, this might be the only reason why I actually use Twitter today. You’ll be happy to know that she shares free naked photos and videos on all her social media channels. Do yourself a solid and spend some time viewing her profile. Heck, take a minute to send her a DM and let Tawney know you love her pussy.

2. She Sucks Dick On Cam

Not all girls will actually suck dick during a live webcam show. However, you’re in luck with this one because Tawney loves to suck dick! I’ve been on a live show with her when she’s taken swallowed so much dick I couldn’t even believe it.

3. Tawney Records Videos

When she isn’t live, I can jerk off to one of the many videos that she’s recorded in the past. In fact, Tawney has one video clip that’s fucking awesome. It’s of her wearing a derby hat and fucking her dildo. Yes, it’s hilarious and very entertaining!

4. She isn’t Afraid To Do Gangbangs

Tawney is not afraid to get on any dick and she’s okay with doing it collectively anytime she can. I’ve seen photos of her sucking multiple dicks and having fun in orgies. That should tell you something right there!

5. She’s Funny AF

Not all cam girls are funny but this one seems to have a witty sense of humor that I just adore. I’ve literally cracked up while chatting with her and all because of her funny remarks. That didn’t prevent me from busting a huge nut.

6. She’s Into Sports

Well, not sports like football or soccer, but she is into roller derby as she does participate frequently. There’s nothing like a roller derby girl fucking you hard with her roller skates on. I bet she’d pound the fuck out of you and literally make you cum in a matter of seconds!

Anyway, those are just a few of the reasons why I absolutely love TawneyDarling and why I am sure so many others really love her as well. Once you know the basic cam chat rules, then I’d advise you to try to hook up with her. If you’re interested, then I suggest checking her profile out here.