Well, since you’ve taken the time to visit my review site, I guess it only makes sense for me to share some fun facts about who I am, what I do and why I love cam girls. Let me not waste too much time here and just get right down to it! My name is Brian W. (B-Dubbs for short) and I’m a guy in his 30’s living in the Atlanta, GA area.

I spend most of my time doing five activities (religiously too). I workout like a fucking beast because I want to stay in good shape. I own my own business (undisclosed) so I work long hours. I love going out to steak houses and lastly, during the time that’s left, you’ll either find me chatting private on cam with a girl or you will find me slugging drinks at the local dirty strip club. That should paint a pretty good picture of who I am for you. If we have something in common and you’re in the Atlanta area, feel free to hit me up. If not, no big deal, I still think you’re pretty cool for stopping by my site.

Now for the why part…

Why did I create this site? Well, that’s pretty simple to answer. I wanted to share everything there is to know about a site that I absolutely love. I’m passionate about CamSoda because I spend a lot of time and money on it. Well, mostly time because I get so many perks for being a premium member. It costs me much less than what most would think. I digress, sorry about that. I created this because I like it I wanted to share my experiences with friends and anyone else that wants to know what the cam service is like. I suggest you read my detailed CamSoda review to find out why it’s so badass.

I really need to disclose that you will likely have the same results using this cam site that I’ve had. However, that doesn’t mean that your experience can’t be even better. My experience is pretty fucking awesome.