Who Is Liza Del Sierra?


I typically go for American cam girls but this one seemed to have struck a soft spot in my heart and a hard spot in my pants. Her name is Liza Del Sierra and she’s a smoking hot webcam model. Find out everything you need to know about this beautiful woman and why I consider her to be the best French cam model on the planet.

Liza Del Sierra Camsoda

Liza Del Sierra And Why She’s Amazing!

First of all, I’ll tell you that Liza Del Sierra is a top webcam model that lives in France. She’s the type that likes to wear cute nerdy glasses to get a rise out of men. Trust me when I say that seeing a girl like this insert toys deep inside her tight pussy will absolutely turn you on.

Let me give you some more details on her and what she’s been known to do in the past while on webcam.

For starters, Liza Del Sierra has close to 1,700 followers on the Camsoda site alone. That’s a shit ton of cam users that are searching the site waiting for her to go live. I mean they literally are waiting for her to take into a private chat to watch her toy those juicy holes of hers.

Liza speaks both Ffrench and English, so her communication skills are up to snuff as far as I’m concerned. I had no idea that Liza was into lesbians until I got to really know her.

I had the pleasure of watching her insert a butt plug deep inside her butthole for a period of about 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe how many times she actually came during the course of our chat but it was multiple times. Thankfully, she was very vocal and showed me just how she liked to stretch her holes with big toy insertions. I can say that all that really turned me on a ton.

As for some of the other things that I like about Liza Del Sierra she’s got beautiful hair, tattoos which I get turned on by and she smokes. I love watching a naked woman toy her pussy while smoking.

Another thing that I really like about Liza is that she records her own videos while masturbating.

Anyway, one thing that I really like her to do is put on a sexy French maid outfit and talk dirty to me. She’s fantastic and loves fucking herself day in and day out. I’m convinced that you’re going to love her just as much as I do. Check out her profile here today and let me know what you think.

Why Cam Girls Are The Ultimate Friends With Benefits


I’ve been using cam sites for longer than I can even remember. I’ve also had some local FBWs aka friends with benefits that helped me hook up when I had no one to turn towards. Now, since I’ve been using this cam site and others, I’ve completely shunned my typical friends with benefits. I have valid reasons for doing so. No, it’s not because the sex was bad. Find out why I firmly believe that cam girls should be considered the ultimate FWB!

Camsoda Girls Versus Friends With Benefits

Reasons Cam Models Are Awesome Friends With Benefits

These are the main reasons why I like to cam with hotties versus meeting some random local fuck buddy down the street. Find out why I prefer these hot cam babes over local pussy.

Never Ask Questions

One thing you’ll learn pretty quickly is that cam girls will never ask questions about your sex life. If you’re fucking a ton of girls, they really don’t care. The only thing they’ll be asking is whether or not you’re a fetish type guy that has some weird desires in the bedroom. Nothing to worry about, just tell them what they are.

They’re Only An Email Away

I consider cam girls to be the best FWBs because they literally are one simple email away. I mean, no beating around the bush or setting up some time to meet down the street. Fuck all that noise. Instead, you’ve got the ultimate dating experience just through clicking send and “poof” they’re notified that you want to bang tonight.

Cheaper Than A Local Date

I hate having to spend money on food, drinks, and other things when taking friends out. Sure, they may give you some real head but I’d prefer to save my money and buy a nice steak dinner for myself instead. Cam girls, on the other hand, they go the extra mile to give you what you want as quickly as possible and as cheap as possible.

Less Effort

How much effort is required to get naked, turn on your computer and jerk off? Not much at all right? I know, which is one of the main reasons why I love these cam babes so much. You don’t have to get all dressed up to meet someone. You simply hang out in your boxers at home downing Cheetos and diet coke until the cows come home. Then you can hit up a cam girl anytime you’d like. Simple as that really!

They Always Listen

Make no mistake about it, if you have something to say to a webcam girl then she’s going to listen. That’s her job and she will listen to all you want. Most of the time these girls are willing to not only do anything you want but they’ll listen to anything that you have to say. It’s a known fact that many of them are willing to even sit there and play psychologist if that’s what you need. Friends with benefits won’t give you the time of day for that stuff.

These reasons alone are plentiful enough for any commonsense man to choose a cam girl over an FWB any day of the week!

Why “Nikki Diamond 69” Is A Great Webcam Model


I’ve recently come across this dime piece named Nikki Diamond aka NikkiDiamond69 and I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen her before this weekend. She spends lots of time live on cam with her boyfriend or some guy that apparently pounds her live for all the viewers to watch. Find out why I love her and what she’s got to offer for people that love cams.

Nikki Diamond Camsoda Model

Reasons Nikki Diamond Is A Top Cam Girl

These are some of the many reasons why I absolutely love NikkiDiamond69 and why I believe that you and everyone else that enjoys cams needs to take her private. I’m not wasting a single second of your time here. Instead, let me tell you why I love this girl so damn much.

To kick things off, let me start by telling you that this girl has over 2,000 followers on Camsoda alone. This speaks volumes for the type of energy and excitement that she has to offer when naked on video.

Another thing I like is the fact that she’s 23 years old. She’s well experienced and can likely take dick like a champ. I’ve seen many younger girls that don’t do as well of a job with regards to the dick taking. She’s a professional to the fullest extent.

I’m a bit biased, but I love girls from South Florida, which is why I really enjoy camming with NikkiDiamond69. Her body is absolutely pristine and she takes care of herself. I love that about her and I’m sure that many other people love it as well.

Are you into brunettes? Then you’ll find Nikki a big hit along with many other cam girls on the site. I must warn you, she doesn’t have the biggest boobs but they are big enough to keep me satisfied.

Guess what…she literally has a great sarcastic attitude that’s enough to make anyone crack up and love the conversation that you have with her.

The bottom line is that Nikki Diamond is a virtual babe that loves to chat and use social media. You can find her on Twitter sharing nudes daily. Check out @NikkitaDiamond for more.

Last but not least, she’s got 30 videos on the site that she has recorded having sex. That’s one of the main reasons why I love her.

Take her into a private chat and I’d even suggest that you even use the VR features that some girls offer. I literally have done this with her and I can guarantee that you’ll have a blast doing so.  Check out her profile here