Emily Rexz Camshow Spotlight


Looking to chat with a new smoking cam girl this week? Well, don’t waste another minute because I’ve got the infamous Emily Rexz here today. She is an absolutely amazing model that will make your jaw drop to the ground. Find out why I love her and why she’s now my favorite camgirl of all time.

Emily Rexz

Emily Rexz Review: She’s A Slave To Dark Desires

There’s just something about a girl like Emily Rexz that drives everyone wild. She has a dark personality and a dark sense of humor to go along with it. She knows what you want to do to her and she wants it to happen over and over again.

There’s nothing you want more than to control her every thought and every move. She wants to hand that control right over to you. That’s why she’s always wearing her collar and her leash.

Nothing would make her happier than finding a man to take hold of it and lead her to the pleasures that she’s been seeking out for her entire life. It’s her driving force and if you’re the one destined to take control of her then she’s going to go very willingly. You just have to have a firm hand and guide her in the right direction.

Her Body Will Make You Melt

She’s a white girl from San Diego, California (something she has in common with Jenna Sativa) and she’s very heavily involved in the alternative lifestyle. Her brown hair and eyes will convince you to give her everything that she could ever want from you.

Her figure manages to measure in at a perfect 34/26/40 and her perfect boobs completely fill a 34 DD cup. As long as you love tattoos, you’re going to love to look at her naked. She has 11 of them and she’s always in the market to get more of them.

Emily’s a cosplayer, a model, and a gamer. She’s a nerd and very proud of it. If you catch her playing online then she’s going to be able to show you a few things you never thought were possible. She’s ready to play both on her cam and with her controller in her hand.

She Can Be Anything You Want

It’s her love of cosplay that’s going to keep you coming back to her over and over again. She loves to turn herself into different people and you get to see it happen right on her cam.

Ms. Rexz can be anyone you want and you’ll never have to desire another woman ever again. If she can take their place then she’s going to be the only one that you’ll ever need. She wants to be everything to you and she’s never ready to give up on making you happier than anyone else on the planet.

Conclusion: Emily Rexz Is Your Online Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, or married. These ladies are your “in-person” women. Emily Rexz wants to be your online girlfriend. She can make you happier than any of the other girls online and that’s what she wants to do for you. Just tell her who you want her to be and she’ll make it happen. If you can make her submit to you then she’ll always be online and waiting for you. Go into her room and you’ll never come out as the same person ever again.

Check out Emily’s profile right here right now. See her profile here.

Sabrina Nichole Review: The Most Colorful Cam Girl!


Today’s report covers everything you need to know about the one and only Sabrina Nichole. I love her and cannot get enough of her shows. Seriously, and I think you’ll feel the same way once you read this review…

sabrina nichole

Sabrina Nichole Is A Fun Loving Cam Girl

Sabrina Nichole just loves to have fun and that’s pretty much everything that you need to know about her. She’s always in a good mood and she’s constantly on the lookout for someone to make her laugh.

Dancing is her real passion and no one can ever stop her from doing it. That’s why there are so many videos of her moving her body to the rhythm on her cam.

There’s always music playing and her hips are always shaking to it. It’s just the way that she demonstrates her deep passion for life and excitement. Nothing is worse than her being bored for a single second and she always makes sure that it doesn’t happen to her. If it looks like she’s slowing down, it just means that she’s thinking of fun new ways to enjoy herself on her cam while you watch her.

She Always Plays With Her Appearance

The one thing that you can sure of with her is that you can never be sure of what she’s going to look like. She loves to dye her hair different colors to always keep things interesting. Spending time with her is like spending time with as many different women as you want.

She has curves in all of the right places and you can expect her hair to transition from orange to purple and then on to the green. She’s a 25-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas and she has southern warmth that can melt even the coldest of hearts.

Her blue eyes will stare deep into your soul while she gives you a striptease that will leave you shaking with sexual desire. It’s those 34 DDD boobs that she has jumping and jiggling right in your face that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

She’s A BDSM Girl

She may just be a beginner at it, but she’s exploring BDSM and learning just how much she loves it. Soon she’ll be as experienced as Julie Cash. She always has a paddle close by in case you tell her that she’s been a naughty girl and needs to stop dancing before she makes you lose your mind.

Once she’s learned her lesson, you can send her right back to shaking her hips and showing off her sexy tattoos and piercings with every new layer of clothes that she peels of off her body. She has it all and she’s willing to share it with you.

Conclusion: Sabrina Nichole Will Always Make You Happy

It doesn’t matter how bad your day happens to be. You can be sad or you can be angry. It really doesn’t matter. You can always rely on Sabrina Nichole to cheer you up.

She can turn any frown upside down with her body and the way that she loves to use it. There’s always a smile on her face and making you happy is always her main goal. This is one girl who can make you happy no matter where you are or what you have going on. Check her official profile out here.

Gaby Ferrer Review: A Blowjob Pro


If you’re anything like me, you really appreciate perfect blowjob lips. The one and only Gaby Ferrer can help with that and then some. Find out everything you need to know about this delicious babe and why she’s one of the hottest girls on Camsoda.com right now. You will love her and everything she has to offer. Here’s my full review. Find out more today!

Gaby Ferrer Review

Gaby Ferrer Review Reveals This Perfect Girl

Some girls are just perfect and Gaby Ferrer is certainly one of them. She’s a Colombian who just loves to have fun whenever she can. She really enjoys talking to people on her cam and she’s always up for showing off.

She knows that she has a hot body and that it should be enjoyed whenever possible. She wants your eyes on her at all hours of the day and can’t stand it when she’s covered by clothes. If you have a body like hers, then you always want it on full display.

She has a perfect set of 36B tits that have never been touched by medical science. She’s totally natural and always will be. The only neat thing about her is her pussy. Her lips are short and tight and always ready for action. If you like a pretty pussy, then you’re going to love her.

She’s Addicted To Cock

This girl is madly in love with dick. It doesn’t matter what kind it is. She’s going to start drooling as soon as she sees one. In fact, she always keeps a fake one on her. It’s there for those times when she just can’t stand not using one.

Gaby will use it to fuck herself, but only after she turns herself on by sucking it like a real dick. She can take it right down her throat without ever having to gag or stop to breathe. It’s a talent that she loves to show off whenever she gets a chance. She’ll make sure that she spits all over it to lube it up.

She’s going to suck it just like she would give a real blowjob. It’s her purpose and she never cuts corners with it. She’ll spend as much time with it as she has to in order to get the job done.

Gaby Ferrer Keeps Her Pussy Wet

She always makes sure to keep her pussy lubed up with her spit. She likes to let it slowly drip from her fingers onto her body. It turns her on and gets her ready for what’s to come. She’ll always spend her time working herself up to make sure she has a good time.

Her orgasms need to be intense and that’s the only way she wants to take them. There’s never any sense in having a semi orgasm. She takes her time with herself and uses every part of her body to make herself cum for her audience.

Conclusion: Gaby Ferrer Needs Your Attention

You don’t want to keep Gaby Ferrer waiting. She’s ready to cum and she wants to share her orgasm with you. She’s always going to make it as hot as it can possibly be. Gaby only uses her own spit as lube and it turns her on more than anything else. She’ll show you her blowjob skills then let you watch her fuck herself. Head into her room right now and see one of the most erotic women around.

Check Her Out Today

Oxxxxy Squirt Review


This update covers what I know about the sexy Oxxxxy Squirt. She’s a model on Camsoda.com that loves doing private shows for fans. I’ve shared everything I know about her and more. Find out I think about her and everything that she has to offer fans…

Oxxxxy at Camsoda

Oxxxxy Review: She Loves It Hard AF

Oxxxxy is a skinny white girl who can take a whole lot more than it seems. Sure, she’s petite, but she loves a little pain. She’s been fucked every single way imaginable and it’s made her body tough. In fact, she can barely feel anything if it’s not rough. All you need to do is see her on her cam to find out what she likes. She’ll fuck her pussy for hours and pound it into oblivion.

Her asshole can take more punishment than any other part of her body. It doesn’t matter how thick the dildo happens to be. She’s going to find a way to shove it up her ass. Then she’s going to ride it fast and hard until it makes her cum all over it. It’s what she loves and nothing is ever going to be able to make her take it any easier. She needs to cum and this is how she makes it happen.

She Loves Her Diehard Fans On Camsoda

She really enjoys the people who watch her. In fact, she tries to meet up with as many of them as she possibly can. She’s always running a raffle to spend the weekend with her. She wants to get to know you and what you really like.

There’s no telling what’s going to happen over this weekend, but everyone is sure to enjoy it. She knows what people really want from her and she’s more than happy to provide it. When she fucks her own ass, she makes sure to be as vocal as she can possibly be. She wants you to know just how the dildo feels inside her perfect ass. She’s going to let you know when she gets close to cumming so you can see it all happen. It’s just the way that she is.

Yes, She Can Even Squirt

On top of all that, this blonde can squirt all over her room. Her orgasms are so intense that she just can’t hold it back. Her pussy has to release as intensely as it possibly can. If you’re lucky, she’ll have it pointed right at the camera when it happens.

You can see her juice go all over the place and cover everything in her room. It won’t be the first time that she has to clean up after herself. She’s just used to it at this point. She’s a sloppy cummer and that’s just the way that it is. She can’t help it any more than she can stop herself from masturbating.

Conclusion: Check Out Oxxxxy Right Now

Oxxxxy needs your attention. She’s practically perfect in every single way. She cums hard and she loves to get fucked hard. Her ass is always ready for the intense assaulting that she likes to give it. If she’s not screaming in pleasure and pain, then she’s not having a good time. Say hello right now and make sure you get a raffle ticket. You’ll regret it if you don’t. So will she.

Check her out here on this profile page now…

Tiffany Danielss Review: Brunette Cam Babe Of The Week


Well, today is an extra special day! I’ve got a girl to share with you named Tiffany Danielss. She’s the latest model I’ve been spending tons of time with on Camsoda.com. If you’re not familiar with who she is and what she does, then this will bring you up to speed pretty damn quickly. Find out everything you need to know about this model and why I’ve grown to love her!

Tiffany Danielss

Tiffany Danielss Review: She Can’t Get Enough Pleasure

There are some girls who can never get enough pleasure. Tiffany Danielss is one of those girls. No matter how much pleasure she gives herself, she always seems to want more. That’s probably why she never limits herself to the people she fucks. If she thinks they can make her feel good, she’s going to fuck them for as long as she can. Her body is hot, so there’s never any lack of willing participants.

All she has to do is flash her sexy ass or her perfect tits and they’re horny and ready to make her cum. She has black hair and dark eyes for a very alluring look. She’s curvy, but not fat. Her tits are perfectly shaped, although she wishes they were bigger. She even has a tattoo if you still needed a reason to want to see her completely naked.

She Fucks Plenty Of Women

One of the best things about her as that she’s as bisexual as they come. She never has any reason to turn down another woman for sex. She knows that they’re always the best at eating pussy. She invited plenty of them onto her cam to play together for the people watching.

If you love sex, you’re going to find plenty of it in her room. You never know what kind of sex you’re going to be walking into. She also has plenty of guys that she likes to invite over. It doesn’t matter what kind of junk you have.

Tiffany’s going to find a way to make it cum all over her. It’s what makes her feel accomplished and lets her start trying to take care of her needs. That’s when she tries to feed her need for the best pleasure on the planet.

She Keeps Herself Fit

There’s no question that she keeps her body tight and toned. All it takes is one look to see that. As soon as her clothes come off, it’s all the hot body you can stand. In fact, she’s so into fitness that she runs her own gyms.

No other cam girl can claim to workout so much that they need their own gym empire. This one is already building it and you get to benefit from the way it makes her body look. She’s always ready to show herself off to you, as long as you tell her how much you like seeing it.

Conclusion: See Tiffany Danielss Right Now

Tiffany Danielss isn’t the kind of girl that you want to let pass you by. She’s hot and she’s always trying to cum for you. She’ll do it with anyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re a man or a woman.

As long as they can cum for her, she’s going to make sure that it happens. She keeps her body fit and it’s always fun to look at. Stop in today and take her in with your eye. You’ll never want to look away from her.

See Her Profile – Click Here

Abby Squirt Review


This review is of the one and only Abby Sweett aka Abby Squirt. You’ll want to know everything you can about her as she’s fire! What happens when you come across a girl that loves to squirt all over the place? I’ll tell you what, you’ll spend many hours jerking off to her if that happens. Here is my review and all that I learned hooking up with her cam to cam.

abby squirt reviews

Abby Squirt Loves To Play With Her Toys

Abby Squirt is the kind of girl who always has the right tool for the job, especially when it comes to her pussy. No one could ever tear her away from her massive toy collection and no one would ever want to. The way she can make her body feel translates immediately to her cam shows.

You can see the pleasure slowly build on her face as she makes her way closer and closer to an intense orgasm. Her legs start to tremble and her face reddens just in time for her to release all over her vibrator.

She has long, dark hair and brown eyes for an exotic and sexy look. Her tits are a totally natural 36 C cup that she loves to keep on display. Her body is athletic and always nice and toned for you. She doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings to get in the way of the view.

She Always Squirts When She Cums

The best thing about her is that she’s a squirter. She can soak her entire room if her orgasm is strong enough. It’s just a side effect of the things that her sex toys can do to her sensitive pussy. She usually likes to stand up with her legs spread wide so you can see all of the action.

The squirt will gush from in between her thighs and soak everything beneath her. Her favorite toy is her Hitachi wand and it’s not difficult to see why. Nothing can make her cum as that thing can.

It’s overpowered and vibrates her clit until it’s ready to take off from her body. She’ll sweat and moan and make sure to look right into your eyes when the moment for her let go finally comes. You’ll never want her to stop orgasming.

She Loves To Put Her Pussy In Your Hands

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to play around, though. She also loves to put her pleasure at your fingertips. Her interactive vibrator is always on and always deep in her pussy. You can set it off whenever you want to help her over the edge.

If you make her wait too long, she’ll start to beg you to let her go. Cumming is all that she wants. She needs you to help her make it happen. The more you play with her, the harder she’s going to cum and squirt for you.

Conclusion: Make Abby Squirt Cum Today

Abby Squirt is just waiting for you to make her happy. Get into her room and start playing with her toy. She’s always right on the edge of cumming, anyway. She wants you to send her over it. Her body is hot and her orgasms are even hotter.

See her squirt all over her bed and thank you for making it all happen. Don’t let someone else get in there instead of you. You owe it to yourself to be the one that makes her happier than anyone else. Watch her here.

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NatsXRoom Review


Have you ever spent time with one of the models at Camsoda? I’m talking about super-exclusive one-on-one time? If not, you’re missing out big time. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the one and only Nat. She goes by NatsXRoom on Camsoda. If you haven’t checked out her room then I strongly suggest doing so. This is the URL to her profile, https://www.camsoda.com/natsxroom, check it out and learn why I’m all about spending time with her. In the meantime, you should def read my review and find out what I know about her and her private shows.

Natsxroom Reviews

NatsXRoom Review: FYI, Nat Loves To Play For Hours

There are a lot of cam girls out there who only put in the least amount of time that they can. Nat isn’t a girl like that. She loves to spend hours upon hours with the people who enjoy watching her. It’s what she does whenever she’s not watching TV. It’s how she spends her free time and everyone is very lucky for it. You can get into her room at any time and she’s very likely to be in there.

She’ll stick around long after she cums and will typically have another few orgasms before she even thinks about calling it a night. She has a curvy body, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She also wears sexy glasses if you’re into geeks. It suits her since she’s always watching documentaries and listening to podcasts. Her tits are a perfectly natural 36 D cup and she has more than enough piercings to keep your eyes moving all over her hot body.

She Just Learned To Squirt

The best thing about her is that she just learned how to make herself squirt. It was totally by accident and she just couldn’t control herself. She was on her cam with everyone in the room controlling her favorite vibrator. They kept setting it off over and over again while she played with her clit.

Nat could feel that she was about to cum, but she had no idea just how hard the orgasms would be. The squirt just shot right out of her pussy and she was never the same again. Now she craves that feeling. She needs to cum that hard every single time she has an orgasm. If you really want her to notice you, the best thing you can do is set off her vibrator and make her squirt all over again.

NatsXRoom Loves To Play With Cock

Her favorite pastime is playing with any cock that happens to be in her hand. She loves to give handjobs and she loves to feel them in between her huge tits. Her mouth can take any size dick and make it feel like it was made to be in there. If she goes too long without playing with one, she’ll pull out her favorite dildo and just work it on her cam. Her skills are something that everyone should see at least once in their life. You’ll feel like you’ve never gotten a handjob before after you see what she can do to it.

Conclusion: Nat Needs To Be Your Cam Girl

You can pick any cam girl out there, but Nat should be at the top of your list. She makes everything fun and she’s still learning better ways to fuck herself. She loves to play with cock and she’ll tell you all about why she likes it. If you want a cam girl to spend your time with right now, head into her room. She’ll probably be there with her dildo in her hand and her vibrator in her pussy.

Well, that’s what I’ve got to share about this hottie today with you. If you’ve not created a profile on Camsoda, do it here now. Then contact her asap for some real fun!

Brianna Smith Review


Have you ever heard of Brianna Smith? If not, then where the heck have you been all these years? She is an exclusive webcam model for Camsoda and she’s absolute fire! Find out why I’ve decided to spend most of my money this week on her versus other cam girls out there. This review explains the whole story, her show details, and what you can expect.

briana smith camsoda

Brianna Smith Review Tells All ( Does She Love Creampies?)

If there’s one thing that Brianna Smith loves to do above all else, it’s rubbing creamy lotion all over her body. She loves to keep her skin nice and soft for all of the men who get to caress it. Her pussy is constantly on the prowl for more dick.

If she’s going to be getting fucked, she wants the guy to have as much fun as possible. She’s already getting what she wants, which is, a thick cock stretching out her pussy. She can at least massage the lotion into her ass to give him something nice to grab onto and hold for the fuck session. Her body is always fun to look at.

She has a natural set of tits that she loves to put out on display. If you get a chance to see her cam, you’ll definitely be getting a chance to stare at her perfectly shaped boobs. She always makes sure that you enjoy her body with your eyes as much as she does with her hands.

Her Ass Was Made For Fingering

There’s nothing she enjoys more on her cam than sliding her own fingers deep into her asshole. Getting filled through her back door is always enough to make her cum all over herself. It turns her on more than anything else on the planet. All you have to do is ask nicely to make it happen. She’s never going to turn you down.

Pleasure is never anything that she puts off. If you want to see it and it makes her feel good, she’s going to do it. She’ll start off with one finger, then slide in the next while you watch. She can be on her knees or have her ankles behind her head. It’s always up to you and how you want to make her feel.

You Can Make Her Cum

She also loves to put the power of her orgasms in your hands. That’s why she uses her interactive sex toy. Her vibrator is always on and always inside her. You can set it off whenever you want. The harder you make it go, the closer you’re going to get her to cumming.

She wants you to be calling the shot when it comes to her pleasure. She’s yours to control and that’s the way that she likes it. Head into her room any time and send her right to the edge of orgasm. Keep her there for as long as you want and you’ll never hear her complain about it.

Conclusion: You Need To Play With Brianna Smith

Brianna Smith is one girl that you don’t want to pass up. Head into her room right now and start playing with her. Get her started by having her finger her tight asshole. Then ramp things up by taking control of her pussy. She’s putting herself and her orgasms in your hands. Do with them what you will. That’s just how she likes it.

See more and find out the details here on her profile.  Check out her IG account here too.

Purple Haired Veronica Smith Chat Review


Today’s special cam girl of the day is none other than the beautiful Veronica Smith. She is a top model over at Camsoda.com and one that you’ll certainly enjoy spending time with. If you’re into Colombian women, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE this hottie! Find out what this purple-haired hottie can do for you during an exclusive chat session.

Veronica Smith

My Review Of Camsoda’s Veronica Smith

I’ll kick things off with something special, Veronica’s talents playing dress-up…

Veronica Smith Loves To Play Dress-up

There are some girls who love to bring their passion for dressing up into the bedroom. Veronica Smith is one of those girls. She has a whole lot of outfits that she loves to try on for the camera. She also really loves getting into the character. If she’s dressed up as a schoolgirl, she’s going to be acting sweet and innocent. Of course, that’s only until the fuck machine comes out.

If she’s dressed up in her sexy lingerie, Her libido is going to be at 11 from the second she turns on her cam. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes for a very alluring and sensual look. Her tits are perfectly small and totally natural. She loves to have them on display, no matter what she happens to be wearing. Her petite little body is more than enough to get you hard with a single glance.

She’s A Schoolgirl Who Can Squirt

Everyone wants to fuck a hot and sexy schoolgirl and some people actually get the chance. How many of them get the chance to fuck one who squirts, though? The answer is anyone who’s ever fucked this girl. She can make her pussy squirt clear across the room. Veronica’s not just doing it for you. She only squirts when she has the most powerful orgasms that she can handle.

Her entire body shakes and she just can’t stop herself from screaming and moaning over her vibrator. She has plenty of toys to get her right to the edge, but it’s her trusty wand that gets her over it. You’ll never be able to stop her from coming and soaking her entire bedroom once it comes out to play. You shouldn’t really want to, either. Someone as hot as Veronica deserves it.

Both Holes Are Open For Business

As if she could get any more desirable, she’s also a back door girl. She loves to get her tight little asshole filled to stretching. You’ve never seen a more satisfied girl than when you’ve seen her with a dildo in each hole.

If she can’t get double penetrated, then why get penetrated at all? Her fuck machine is ideal for filling up one of her holes. You can even suggest the one you’d like to see it in. The other hole is going to get her interactive vibrator so you can play along with her.

Conclusion: Veronica Smith Does It All (And She’s Amazing)

It doesn’t matter what you’re after, Veronica Smith can give it to you. From cosplay to down and dirty DP, she’s got it all covered. You’ll never have to play with one girl more than once with her. Just ask her to get one of the outfits on. She’ll be any girl that you want her to be. Trust me, she will enjoy every single minute of it, too. Just take one step into her room and you’ll never be the same again. She has the power to change your world for the better.

View her Camsoda profile here.

Ginger Rabbit Cam Show Review


I’ve been using CamSoda.com for years, literally. During that time, I’ve come across dozens of models to fap with via chat. My most recent encounter was with the infamous Ginger Rabbit. She’s a beautiful and delicious looking model that you need to know about. If you’re into South American women like I am, then you’re going to love this girl. Find out what she has to offer and why her cam shows are worth checking out…

ginger rabbit camsoda

Ginger Rabbit Review – She Can Make Your Dreams Come True

There are some girls out there who can make all of your dreams come true. When you try to envision a girl like that, just think of Ginger Rabbit. She’s a young girl who already knows more about pleasuring her own body than most women twice her age. That doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have a lot to learn, though.

There are always new and exciting things that she wants to try out on her cam. All you have to do is give her an idea and she’ll run with it until it makes her cum all over the place. She has a small and very hot little body for you to look at all you want.

Ginger loves to have all the attention. Her eyes are brown and her hair is ginger. She comes from Colombia and has a sexy accent to top all of it off.

Dancing Ginger Rabbit

She’s also a girl who really loves to dance. You can always catch her shaking her ass to music on her cam. You might even be able to get her to start by asking nicely. She always wants to make sure that you’re having a good time in her room. If there’s anything that she can do to make you happy, she’s going to make sure that she does it.

In fact, she’ll even get naughty for you. Nothing is hotter to her than spanking herself for the people who want to see it. She can make her ass nice and red for you to enjoy whenever you want. It will probably get her so worked up that she’ll be able to squirt for you. It takes a lot, but it can happen. Just make sure you get her turned on enough first.

What???? She’s Only 19!

A girl like this sounds like she’s a lot older than she actually is. She’s only 19 but she’s learned more than enough about sex already. She has no problem with showing off a close up of her pussy or getting on all fours to fuck herself doggy style. She still has more to experience, though.

Make sure you come with a few ideas for her. She’ll try anything if it seems like it can make her feel good. Tell her what you think she should do and she’ll just roll with it. That’s why she’s on her cam in the first place.

Conclusion: Ginger Rabbit Is Up For Anything

If you visit one cam girl, make sure that it’s Ginger Rabbit. She can give you anything that you want. You can watch her show off her own skills or you can have her try something new.

She’s going to be up for either one. She really just wants to have a good time. It doesn’t matter what kind of experience it is that you’re looking for. She knows a lot, but she still has to learn a lot. You get to be the person who helps her out.

Thinking about checking her out? Solid, and I recommend doing so! Please check her profile out right here today.

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