Black Hottie Cherise Roze XXX Rules On Cam


What’s the word, my friends? I’m in a “black berry” kinda mood today and I have been almost all week. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that I’ve been spending countless hours chatting on cam with black girls. This girl Cherise Roze xxx specifically caught my attention for an extended period of time.

cherise roze xxx review

My Official Review of Cherise Roze XXX

I’m about to say some of the craziest shit that you’ve ever heard about a black cam girl in your lifetime. Whenever you hear the name Cherise Roze XXX, the only thing you should be thinking about is big black booty galore!

Let me tell you a few things about this babe. See a few years ago she popped on the scene at WorldStar Hip Hop. She was clapping her ass and making that thing bounce better than most had ever seen online.

Her measurements were astonishing and they’re even more impressive today. What I mean by that is she’s only 26 years old with 36D tits! The Atlanta native has a 28-inch waist and a 47-inch ass. That’s ALOT of booty even for a guy like me that likes to devour it!

If you like tattoos on girls, then you’ll like her for sure because she’s got more than half a dozen of them all over her body. Her huge tits have nipple rings in them, which are pretty fucking awesome looking. I’ve literally asked Cherise Roze to just lick her nipples on cam for me for ten minutes straight. That’s how much I love those pierced nips.

This hot black momma is all over Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Don’t be surprised if you catch her sucking a big dick on Snap live! If you’re interested in checking out her profiles, then I’d suggest following her on IG @DaRealQueenCroze.

Now, since she’s got over 23,000 followers on Camsoda, you know she puts on a good show. I’ve seen her slurp up some cum from a huge black cock and even go to pound town with her own big dildo. Nothing is off limits for this beauty.

My suggestion is to take her private on to see what she’s all about. I’m willing to bet everything I have in my pocket that you’re going to like her for sure!

As you enter her profile page, you will notice that she has an insane number of videos recorded for your enjoyment. I’ve literally spent time watching every single recorded video that she’s filmed.

With close to 30 recorded videos, it’s easy to understand why she’s such a winner in the books of many. Might I add that I love how she sucks black dick through gloryholes as well?!?!

Truth be told, you won’t find a better black babe out there with cock handling skills. I’m telling you the truth, it doesn’t get any better than Cherise Roze XXX. Message her here.

Before I go, if you didn’t see the update I shared on the flight attendant camming in the sky then you need to read it.

Check it out here:

Airline Flight Attendant Gets Naked In-Flight On Webcam


I typically don’t report any type of news to people just because it’s really not my thing. However, I’ve got a few things that I want to share with you today and one of them involves a flight attendant at work! There’s a specific webcam model that’s on Camsoda and she’s frequently filming from all over the globe.

flight attendant masturbating on cam

Well, the other day she decided to take things a step further by filming from the friendly skies! As you know, many flights now offer free wifi while en route to your destination. Turns out she had something in mind that would blow the socks off just about any horny passenger (if they knew about it).

She did the unthinkable and stripped down live on webcam in the bathroom. She did all of this while in flight and it’s something that you’ve got to see to believe. You’re probably wondering who she is. Well, her name on Camsoda is Milehighclub and she’s pretty damn good with her fingers!

The video above has been edited so that it’s completely safe for work. If you want to chat with her, then you best head on over to Camsoda and send her a message today! I’m almost positive that she’ll be willing to show you her tight pussy with no questions asked!

Now, since I’ve posted this crazy video of this flight attendant fingering and masturbating miles in the sky, I wanted to tell you everything that I love about flight attendants. For starters, I love that they are willing to do almost anything! I’ve gotten wasted with a couple of them and ended up fucking one or two in my day. More often than not, they get perks that many consumers don’t and they take full advantage of what they get. For example, I was staying at a hotel that one of the major airlines stays at and they were given lots of cheap drinks. I took full advantage and became friends with all of them. At this point, I knew it was only a matter of time before I was balls deep in this dirty flight attendant.

Another thing that I really like about them is that they have a care-free attitude when not in-flight and most are fun as heck to hang around with! I’ve spent many nights at clubs with these women, even hit some fine dining restaurants with a few. Nothing ever seems to be off limits or too wild for them.

Last but not least, I really love the fact that they’re so far away from home and so frequently. Reason being, they can basically do what they want, when they want, and you don’t have to worry about a thing getting back home. There’sno such thing as a relationship that will blossom, just hooking up and having fun. Trust me on this one! Have you ever wanted to take a weekend trip to Paris and fuck from a super sexy hotel room in France? You can do that with a flight attendant and they may even fly you for free if you’re lucky! As for chatting with this horny cam model, I think you should spend some time messaging her to set up a time to chat!

Phoenix Marie Review: Hot Milf On Camsoda And Why She Rules!


I’m going to do something different today. I’m sharing one of my favorite milfs on Camsoda. She is one that you’ve likely seen on a few videos from time to time. If you spend any time watching Madthumbs, then you’ve definitely seen Phoenix Marie getting her pussy destroyed by some strange cock. I can’t say enough great things about this famous porn star and you’ll never hear bad comments about her from me. In fact, I’ve busted many nuts to her and they’ve all been done with great pleasure. Let me tell you a few things that I really enjoy about this blonde hottie.

Cam Soda Phoenix Marie

Why I Love Phoenix Marie and Everything I Like

Okay, I’ll come clean with you. I’ve been pretty much infatuated with this horny milf for years. When I saw her on Camsoda, my dick instantly sprung up faster than ever before!

Let me start by saying that she’s got literally thousands of followers on She’s very prominent on both Twitter and Instagram. In fact, if you’re not following her on social media, then you’re missing out big time. Her Twitter handle is @PMarizzle and her Instagram is @PhxMarie. Here are a few screenshots of Phoenix and what she posts on social media today. Once you see them, you’ll definitely want to connect with her.

phoenix marie instagram

Instagram @phxmarie

Let me get to the bottom of Phoenix Marie by giving you some of the personal information about her…

Guess what…she’s not as old as you think! Phoenix is 35 years old, born in 1981. She’s got sexy blue eyes and stands a tall 5’9″ with the perfect body ever. Her measurements are stunning being 34DD-26-38. Phoenix has been on the scene for over a decade and is the proud winner of an AVN award.

Far as I’m concerned, Phoenix Marie is the most beautiful milf on this planet and I’m willing to bet that if you were given the chance to fuck her, she would change your world forever.

I’ve taken her into multiple private chats and I can tell you that she likes it when you cum on video. I’ve not tried the OhMiBod with her but I’d love to do so. As for her skills, I don’t think I really need to explain what she does for you. Having watched her spread that perfect pussy for hours, I can tell you that she’s awesome.

Actually, I’ll get into some of the details here. Might as well since I’m here writing about how amazing she is. The way that I like to chat with Phoenix Marie is with her playing the naughty mom role. I know, most cam sites don’t allow this type chat but if you’re careful, you can pull it off. There’s nothing that turns me on more than thinking Phoenix is my step mom looking for a big dick banging!

If given the chance, I would totally destroy that perfect mommy pussy like never before. If you’ve been with her, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. She’s undeniably the hottest thing on the Internet. If you think I’m wrong then try me!

Check her out right here.

AnisaSoThick Review: She Loves Twerking Her Big Black Booty On Cam


I took a bold move this weekend and opted to go after a thick black girl on The girl that I met up with online was named AnisaSoThick and my gosh was she thicker than any big booty black princess that I’ve ever smashed in my life! Not gonna lie, she’s got booty for days and tits that belong in the hall of fame! I’m going to share everything I know about this girl with you right now!

anisasothick model

Porn Model and Cam Star AnisaSoThick Review

One thing you must know right away about Anisa is that she has got the biggest and juiciest ass I’ve ever seen in my life. The Florida girl has a 53-inch ass that is 100% natural! Now, most girls can’t even begin to tell you that they have that. Shit, only some have half that in terms of booty. I love AnisaSoThick because she’s unique in that sense.

Now if you’re interested in learning more details about her, I’ll gladly share them with you. For starters, this girl has a perfect hourglass figure and breasts that are 36DDs. Now if you can only imagine what happens when 36DD tits are bouncing in your face while you’re getting your dick rode, then you’d love to try the real thing I bet.

AnisaSoThick has over 3,000 followers on the Camsoda alone and she’s got many more on too. Did I forget to mention that she posts some wild videos on social media as well! If you’re into using Tumblr, then I suggest you start there. You’ll literally find her sucking black cock deep as fuck on that site and you can even see her back up on that big black dick in short clips.

I don’t fuck with any of that nonsense, though. To be quite honest, I prefer to just hit her up on cam and ask her to spread that naughty pussy for me! One time I had her squirting so much that she ended up getting everything soaking wet. It might have been the craziest and most I’ve ever seen a black girl squirt in my entire life!

The photo that I’ve post above does not due justice. I’m telling you, she’s one of the thickest and prettiest girls I’ve ever seen in my entire life! If you’re not trying to tap that big ass then you’re a fool. I bet she’ll fuck a guy for the right amount of money too if you got cash. I’m not talking on cam, I’m talking meeting in person. Give her a shout if you want to watch that booty bounce! Don’t take my word for it please. Instead, just go to town and take her out for a private chat tonight. Here’s her profile where you can message her.

Here’s what she looks like in some nice lingerie!

anisasothick review