Five Reasons Why Karmen Karma Is A Top Cam Girl!


As you know, I’ve been spending a generous amount of my time chatting with horny webcam girls lately. Part of me does it because I absolutely adore them. The other part of me is just a pussy hound that can’t get my dick wet enough, lol. At any rate, I’m a huge fan of Karmen Karma and her camming skills. There are many reasons why I choose to chat with this hottie. I’ll do my best to cover each of them, perhaps it will help you make a decision to reach out and show her your dick or maybe even Netflix and chill cam to cam!

Karmen Karma Camgirl Review

@karmenkarma on Camsoda

Simple Reasons Why Karmen Karma Is Badass As Cam Girls Come!

While there are many reasons why I’m basically all over this cam girl, I’m only going to focus on the main reasons for now. But first, if you’re not a member, then you’ll want to become one for free right now. It’s going to give you a head start because once you’re done reading this article, you’ll want to fuck her like crazy, trust me on that!

She’s A Legit AF Porn Star

Did I fail to mention that Karmen Karma is a full-blown adult actress? She sure as heck is and she’s been taking dick professionally for a few years now. Girls that have sex on camera for money are typically really good at their job! I understand that you’ve got lots of choices in terms of porn stars but this one is a catch for sure. All you have to do is take a quick look around the Internet and you’ll easily find some of her videos on a few tube sites.

She’s Thick

Since I really like thick girls, I can’t help but want to get Karmen in bed. She’s not too thick either. Just thick enough to give you something to grab onto while you’re pounding that ass!

Lots of Tattoos

I love tattoos on girls, especially those not afraid to take huge loads all over their face. Karmen Karma has plenty of really hot tattoos. She’s got a crazy skull sleeve piece that you can partially see in the image above. Ask her to show you all her tattoos when you get her on cam, you’ll be amazed at what you see.

Loves The OhMiBod

I’m a huge fan of the OhMiBod technology and Karmen loves using this toy. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with what this does, then check this page out. It’s an interactive sex toy that allows you to get cam girls off from your own house. Totally fucking awesome, I know!

Huge Tits

The 25-year-old from LA has some of the biggest and prettiest tits I’ve ever laid eyes on. Every single time I see them I can’t help but fantasize about sucking them. Even worse, I picture my dick sliding in between those naughty fun bags on a daily basis, especially when I don’t get enough exclusive cam action.

Well, I promised you that I’d keep it to five main reasons that I love her so I’ll stick to that. If you’re looking to learn more about Karmen Karma, the check out her official model page here. Feel free to also find her on Twitter (@KarmenKarma) and Snapcaht (@TheKarmenKarma) as well. FYI, she sells her used panties too!

Reasons Why I Love Gloryhole Live Cam Action


I’ve been known to spend a number of hours using live cam sites and part of the reason for doing so is in my search for gloryhole girls! I’m a huge advocate for this type of thing. When I’m not chasing around girls like Jenna Shea and other naughty cam babes, I’m often found lurking around on my computer searching for some gloryhole loving girl to watch. There are plenty of reasons why I love gloryhole live cam action and I’m going to do my bests to share each and every one of them with you right now.

gloryhole cams

Four Main Reasons To Love Gloryhole Cam Girls

If these four reasons don’t get you excited enough to want to watch these girls suck dick through a hole, then maybe this cam site stuff just isn’t for you. Good, now that we got that out of the way, here are all the main reasons why I love this stuff!

Hot Girls Sucking Random Dick

Honestly, what is better than watching a hot girl suck a random dick? I literally pay good money anytime I can to watch this happen and even better, I enjoy getting random BJs from just about any girl willing to slob on my knob. This reason alone should be plenty for you to want to get chatting immediately with some horny cam girl.

They Love Pleasing Guys

Most of the gloryhole girls sucking dick live through a hole love to please the men on the other side of the wall. They’ll spend anywhere up to two hours working a guys cock until it explodes with cum. Heck, some of the girls will do more during a gloryhole session just to please a guy because they haven’t got a clue what’s on the other side.

Never Know What They’ll Do

The suspense always kills me and not knowing their next move is something that I truly love. I’ve seen these gloryhole situations go from good to great in a matter of seconds. One minute some local girl is sucking a guy off. The next, she’s backing up into his cock shoving it deep inside her tight asshole. I mean, does it really get any better than that? I think not!

They Often Don’t Know They’re On Cam

Believe it or not, some of the Camsoda girls may not even know they’re on webcam. It’s because they’re being filmed via a hidden cam and that makes things really interesting. If you’re a guy that’s into voyeur cams, then you’ll appreciate the fact that many of these girls would do just about anything to get off themselves. They’ll even fuck and suck a random dick just for some personal sexual pleasure.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to connect with some of the most amazing cam girls on this planet, then I don’t know what will. If you haven’t experienced what it’s like to watch a girl take on a gloryhole session live on cam, then you have not lived life to the fullest extent! If you’re interested in checking out these types of shows, they might I suggest visiting this site to see what girls are online now!

KarmaRx Cam Girl Review: She Loves Big Sex Toys!


Have you been spending any time chatting with the infamous cam girls of Camsoda? Well, just like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the site these days and boy oh boy have I liked what I’ve been seeing. Take for example KarmaRx. She’s something quite special and certainly not your typical webcam model.

Let me share a few things that I know about this wonderful girl.

karmarx cam model

KarmaRx Review: Free Cam Girl That Loves Huge Sex Toys

First off, you need to know that if you’re the type of dude that gets jealous over watching hot girls make big dicks disappear, then you’ll need to find another girl to chat with. The reason I say that is because KarmaRx can take the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

I had no idea that a girl with such a tiny frame could swallow cock of that stature deep in her pussy. That show deserves well more than a golf clap, that’s for damn sure.

While it might seem odd that she’s not all that popular, it’s only because KarmaRX is brand spankin’ new to this webcam modeling stuff. She’s got about 1,300 followers on Camsoda and that’s a decent start. I would bet any amount of money that she’ll have 10,000 followers in a matter of weeks. That’s how good she really is!

You’re probably wondering how old this chick is and where she’s based out of. I was wondering the same exact thing, which is why I did some research on her. Turns out that this naughty girl is based out of Los Angeles, California and that she’s a young, vibrant girl with 32H tits and lots of energy.

I’m very much into girls with huge boobs so this works out quite well for me. In terms of hair color, eyes, and all those other details I don’t really have much of a preference but I think can say that I enjoy staring into her pretty green eyes, especially when she’s about to cum.

Are you into tattoos on girls? I love a tatted up babe that loves to ride a hard cock. That’s part of the reason why I spend so much time going back to KarmaRx. I can’t seem to get away from those tattoos and that perfect pussy.

One last thing I want to mention about this hottie, she is using a ton of social media sites. You can find her on Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook. There are not that many models on Facebook, so I suggest checking her out there for sure.

More importantly, I’d recommend definitely taking her into a private chat session on Camsoda before doing anything else. Watch her make that huge dildo disappear deep inside her! It’s like a magic show!

Webcam Model Molly Cavalli Gets Attacked By Shark On Camsoda


I typically like to keep a close eye on Camsoda and the girls that are on the site. I am a fanatic and obsessed with chatting with these girls. Well, I saw something that I’ve never seen in my life. It was an attempted live Cam streaming of underwater fun. Cam girl Molly Cavalli decided to get in the water with a bunch of hungry sharks.

molly cavalli cam girl

Guess what happened to Molly Cavalli? She got bit by one of the sharks!

Here’s exactly what happened…

Molly Cavalli jumped into what seemed to be a perfectly safe shark diving cage down off the coast of Miami, FL. She was literally streaming the entire thing live and during the cam show, she felt a sharp pain on her ankle.

You guessed it, Molly got bit by one of the Lemon sharks that were swimming around her. The bit was pretty deep and it caused her to need 20 stitches from the bite. She was crying like crazy as it was painful!

The setup seemed perfect and they thought nothing could possibly go wrong. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and it did wrong. The good news is that Molly is going to be fine once those stitches heal. She’ll be back online camming and inserting big sex toys deep in that perfect pussy of hers. She’s absolutely incredible looking. If you haven’t seen her, then you need to check her out today.

Camsoda Shark Bite

In the meantime, check out some of the other amazing girls that get crazy live on video here at There are plenty of girls such as Phoenix Marie, Tanya Lieder, and others.

I literally fell in love with Molly the first time I ever had the pleasure of chatting with her. She could not be any nicer or hotter looking based on what communications that I’ve had with her. Assuming you like blonde girls that are daring and have a perfect pussy, then you’ll love this girl.

Here is a hot photo of Molly Cavalli for you to check out…

molly cavalli camsoda

Juicy Pussy 4 U: Cam Babe Dances For Bandz


Sometimes I come across a girl that’s got the most beautiful booty and pussy, other times, it’s just meh and you go about your way. Well, today I came across a girl who goes by the nickname, “Juicy Pussy 4u” and boy I must say that she’s not lying! Seeing as though I’m a rather large fan of pussy, it only makes sense that I share this girl with you. Her talents and assets set the bar as far as I’m concerned!

Now you’ve got to give her a chance if you’re a fan of Spanish women. I have been known to fall in love with Spanish pussy from time to time. It’s like going on a crack binge of some sort. It just happens and you’re in deeper than you can ever imagine. Only this time, it’s great being stuck because it only means that much more pussy!

Juicy Pussy 4U Camsoda Girl

Things You Need To Know about Juicy Pussy 4 U!

There are some great things that I want to share with you about this Spanish cam girl. For starters, I’ll have you know that she’s brand new to Camsoda and already has 700+ followers. I won’t be surprised if that number eventually climbs above 7,000 just knowing what she can do with her pretty tight box.

Now, if you don’t speak Spanish then don’t worry, she speaks great English as well. I’m a huge ass man which is why I really like this chick, not to mention I’m a big fan of tattoos and she’s got a huge one on her chest. You know what that tells me? It tells me that she likes to take huge loads of cum up close and personal on that bullseye of a tattoo.

Some other things that Juicy Pussy 4U likes are doing deep throat with both toys and cocks, moaning loud as fuck and having loud orgasms. If you’re the type of guy that likes to throw girls around while fucking, then she’ll gladly play along with your naughty games. The 34B cup breasted honey is down for a deep anal pounding and if you’re not going to give it to her, then I’m going to have to step in and finish things off I guess!

She’s actually willing to do everything for free but if you show her that you’ve got “bandz,” that’ll definitely make her dance! Give her a chance, what the heck else do you really have to lose? I mean there are plenty of other girls that you can chat with in the event that you’re unhappy. It’s all upside as far as I’m concerned! Check her profile out here.

In honor of her, here’s my favorite strip club song for you! I’m sure you know that tune by Juicy J. It’s the bomb dot com my friend, ya dig!