Tori Black Live On Cam Is Better Than Life Itself


My favorite cam girl of the week is none other than Tori Black. She’s by far one of the best cam models that I’ve ever come across. There are so many girls on the Internet that are camming daily to try and make some money online. The one girl that works harder than any other girl on the web is Tori Black.

If you don’t know who Tori Black is then you’re certainly losing out on just about everything you can imagine and more. There’s a reason why this Camsoda model is considered to be the top girl within the adult film industry in 2017. She’s legit a goddess if you ask me and you’ll never meet a girl that does what she does for fans.

The reason I say this is that she makes her fans a top priority and making them feel important as well as helping them cum is what Tori lives for. You’ll find out just how impressive she is and what she can do for you if you take a moment to read about her below. Here are the main reasons why I love Tori Black.

Tori Black on

Reasons Tori Black Is The Best Cam Girl EVER!

There are many reasons why Tori Black is considered to be the queen of cock and her pussy is considered to be the hottest commodity ever. You’ll soon realize that her pussy is worth more than gold. If you’re all about being able to cum, then you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so if your fucking this girl live on cam. That being said, here are some of the many reasons that I love Tori and her pussy.

Perfect Looking Pussy

One thing I must say about Tori Black is that she’s got the perfect pussy that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve seen her insert toys deep in her pussy and even beer bottles. If you like girls that are able to stretch their holes then this one is above all because she sets the bar for sure.

Tons of Videos

Another reason I love Tori Black is that she provides so much media on Camsoda. If you visit her page, you’ll notice that she’s got more than 50 videos recorded on Camsoda alone and you’ll also find that she’s online almost 8 hours a day when not shooting porn. That reason alone should make anyone want to join and chat with her.

Filthy Mouth

Okay, so I took Tori into a one-on-one exclusive private chat and her mouth was absolutely filthy, in a good way. I asked her to talk dirty to me and some of the things that she said nearly made me cum instantly. Tori has a knack for filthy talk and it’s some sort of skill that she’s successfully developed.

Loves Anal

Did I forget to mention that Tori Black loves anal sex? How could I forget that! She is so well trained and he asshole can take just about anything regardless of the size, girth, and depth. That’s what I really love about this beautiful girl. She’s something special, that’s for sure!

Pro With Hitachi

If you’re a fan of the Hitachi magic massage wand then you’ll love watching Tori use it. She might be what most consider a pro when it comes to heavy machinery and toying herself. Not everyone is able to toy their pussy and squirt like Tori, but she gets is done like an absolute champ!

Lots of Sexy Social Chat

If you’re the type that likes to chat with girls for free before taking them private, then you’ll really appreciate the fact that Tori Black is a huge fan of chatting on Camsoda as well as other social platforms. She’s one of those girls that will get back to you with an answer and let you know just how she’s doing. Nothing’s worse than a snobby porn start. Thank god Tori isn’t one of those.


Well, if these reasons don’t turn you on, then I’m not sure that you like girls. I’ve been hard the entire time just thinking about how dirty Tori is and what she’s going to do with my cock. It’s basically a guarantee that you’ll cum buckets if you get her into a private chat even for just a few minutes. Connect with her today by visiting her profile.

How To Become A Cam Girl (Simple Steps)


I can’t believe I’m writing this article right now but I am. Over the last few weeks, I’ve actually had a few girls reach out to me via email asking how they can become a cam girl. Truth be told, I didn’t have any clue how these girls could get there start in this profession. Knowing that I was going to get more inquiries about this, I set out to learn more about the process.

It should come as no surprise that these girls are paid to be on cam and that adult webcamming is a big business. In fact, it might be one of the most popular “make money from home” type job out there today. While lots of cheap guys just search the Internet for free webcam porn, many guys actually spend money to chat with these beautiful women. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s part of my daily routine. In fact, I find more pleasure in doing so than anything else I’ve done in years.

Enough about that though, you want to know how to get a webcam modeling job and what it takes to be a star? Great, I got you covered all right here!

Become A Cam Model

How To Become A Webcam Girl And Make Money Online

Here’s a quick rundown of the things that you need to do if you want to become a cam girl model that brings home the bacon.

The first thing you need to realize is that you need to join the right studio if you want to make money camming. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is reach out to the folks at Camsoda and they’ll gladly do what’s necessary to get you up and running. However, there is some legal stuff that you need to go through here in the process.

You will need to submit a bunch of basic legal documents such as your social security number, driver’s license, and a W-9 form. This is so you can legally get paid as a professional webcam worker.

Next, you’ll need to connect with the cam studio and get help setting up your profile page. This isn’t all that difficult. Honestly, it’s like setting up your Facebook or Instagram profile. Chances are that you know how to do that without a doubt.

From there, you’ll want to pick up some sex toys and some sexy lingerie to wear while on cam. Most girls on cam that make a lot of money where high heels, insert huge toys in their pussies, and they do just about anything you can think of to turn guys on. Some of them will go to the extreme to make that happen too.

Now, the question is whether or not you get other perks as a cam model performing on Camsoda. Some cam sites allow you to block certain locations so that you’re not showing yourself to locals in your neighborhood, state, or country. Also, the content that you produce here on Camsoda is copyright protected. That means you don’t have to worry about your content being stolen on the site.

There are lots of other perks if you join but I can’t cover all of them. If you’re interested in joining, all you need to do is visit this link and get signed up in a few simple steps.

I know, the guys that like my cam girl reviews are bullshit that I took the time to explain this and not show some cam pussy off, but such is life!

Is Worth Joining?


As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of using cam sites. This has gone on for literally as long as I can remember. If it’s your first time checking out my site, then I’m sure you might have a fetish for cams or you just might be interested in joining one or sites. Well, I took the time to give a try this weekend. In doing so, I was able to determine just about everything that you need to know about the site. Before I kick things off, I want you to know that just because I write a review about a cam site doesn’t necessarily mean I endorse it. I’m simply sharing my own personal opinion on the site and everything that I experienced while using it. Site

My Experience Using (Complete Review)

The first thing you need to know is that when I landed on this site, I knew that I had seen something similar before. I thought that it was perhaps me mistyping or something but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, what I discovered was that the website was the spitting image of As you may know, the site has a ton of self-branded sites that they run. This is a way for them to sell the services under a different brand. In this case, it’s Cam Model and it actually turned out to be a fine experience.

I must say, I actually had a better time using this site than the traditional Streamate website. The colors were softer and the layout made it simple to see which category had the most models on the site. I think when I originally first checked it out, there were over 1,700 models on the site.

Some of the models that I had the pleasure of chatting with were absolute stars! By that, I mean they were smoking hot and could make dildos disappear like it was nobody’s business. Girls like Maggie Green, Jade Ireland and Hola18 were live on the site and trust me, they put their pussies to work like never before.

Now, if I had to choose which category I enjoyed the most I’d have to say the Babes category. Reason being, I love a hot cam girl (like Jenna Shea) that’s willing to do just about anything to get someone off. These girls were willing and able to do that and then some. My favorite girl was Jade Ireland by far.

As far as cost is concerned, the girls were not too expensive. Most of them were pretty affordable given that they only charge an average of $3.99 per minute. However, some of them tend to lag and waste time a lot in the first minute or so. That pisses me off beyond belief. However, not all the models try and do this but most waste time within the first 30 seconds. They want to know that you’re not a one-minute man trying to just bust a nut in the quickest way. Trust me, the girls absolutely hate when you cum too quickly. I’ve done it before and it hasn’t bode well with the girls. Don’t get nervous about it though, they just want you to last longer because they make more money. There’s no secret to that sauce!

Overall, I must say that my experience using the site was decent but certainly not the best on earth. I’ve had way better experiences chatting with some of the Camsoda models. They just seem more down to earth and it’s not as costly. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on The choice is yours really, just prefer chatting with this model over all others on

Cams4Free Review: Everything I Discovered Chatting With Girls On The Site


As you know by now, I’ve been around the block and then some when it comes to cam sites. During my downtime I spend buckets of cash testing out random cam sites to see which is best. When I came across Cams4Free I was immediately pulled in. Hold you horses, I’m going to tell you all the reasons why I love this cam site and many reasons why it simply isn’t my top choice. Keep reading for details…

Cams4Free homepge

Review of the Website

My Experience Chatting On Cams4Free

The Cams4Free website is a somewhat unique and enjoyable camping experience. At least that’s the impression that I got when using the site. If you take a close look at the site, you might recognize the layout. It’s very similar to another site I recently used called There are a ton of features on this site that make it a bit overwhelming at first. However, the interface couldn’t get any easier to use really.

When I took this site for a spin, I decided to spend time checking out the HD cam shows for the most part. I’m all about high-quality camming and that’s about all that matters to me. Well, that and the girls were smoking hot. Speaking of girls, there were hundreds of models online at any point that I decided to visit Cams4Free. It’s pretty easy to check out all the shows and the girl’s profiles. However, if you want to be in a community chat session or an exclusive chat session, you can only do so with one girl at a time. For some reason, the website admin has decided to restrict users from opening a ton of windows and chatting with multiple girls at once.

If you’re into using search filters, then you might want to check out the advanced filter technology in place here. It’s not too bad and in fact, something that I highly recommend you look into.

Now for the specific features of…

  • Like I said, they’ve got tons of HD cam shows that you’ll love.
  • There are tons of girls, guys, trannies, couples, whatever you fancy you’ll find it.
  • You can save models to your favorites list making it easy to locate them when online.

Now, there are some drawbacks to using this site. Like I said, they only allow you to watch one cam girl at a time. Also, if you’re looking to take a girl into a private session for free, you can forget about it. That’s going to cost you money. Speaking of money, I spent about a thousand dollars on this site and I have to say that it was pretty decent. However, none of the girls even come close to being as hot as my favorite cam girl Jenna.

If you’re looking to have a quick cam sex session with someone and you need a cheap site to do it on, then Cams4Free might be one to test out. I personally would opt for any of the Camsoda girls over the ones on Cams4Free. That’s your personal call though. If you want to use Camsoda, be sure to read my review of that site first right here.  If you’re into free cams then that might be your best bet. I still use it every single day, just an FYI!

MyFreeCams Review: Personal Experience Testing This Site


You know that I go out of my way to try just about every cam site on this planet. When I came across a site called MyFreeCams, I knew that it was something I needed to take some action on. While I love testing sites, I typically turn back to the best cam site in the world and I can’t seem to find out that even competes with it. That said, I am more than willing to put my time and effort into camming with new girls so long as they’ll show me a good time. That’s why I tried out and I’m now sharing everything I can about it. Before you take the plunge and enter your information, be sure to read this full review and learn everything you must know about it. screenshot

The Truth About MyFreeCams (After Two Weeks Testing)

If you take the time to search online for one of the many reviews written on then you’ll likely come across this one and more. The problem is that so many of those published out there are not entirely truthful. In fact, many of them make it seem like this site is completely free and awesome to use but truth be told, it’s not.

Not So Free

The one thing that really bothers me about MFC is that the cams are not free. They do make it seem like you get just about everything for free on this site but that’s not the case. Sure, the site has a few free options for chatting but nothing very explicit and certainly nothing that I’d recommend diving into.

Lack of Clarity

I personally don’t like how unclear the site is about things, especially being free. The site obviously isn’t a horrible website but it doesn’t come out and say that there will be charges involved. In fact, the naming convention is a bit shady in a sense. Most people think using the MyFreeCams site means that they will be getting 100% free cams. The ugly truth is that it’s not the case.

Site Features

When it comes to features and site design, this one is a bit dated. Aside from the basic like cam feeds, they do not offer much to people. A lot of people do use this cam site, perhaps more than most other places. Now you’d expect to get more than just basic functions and features given the activity, number of members and the overall popularity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the site at all in terms of features or layout.

The Girls

Most of the girls on MFC are okay at best. There are a ton of them but who cares if they’re not online and not smoking hot? I can head to the local bar and meet girls or I can Snapchat with some locals for free if I want to convince them to get naked on webcam.

However, when I pay for a chat session, I expect the girls to be super hot and horny, like this girl. There were a few that seemed worthy enough to take private and I did just that. It was a pretty hefty cost for me to do that and it cost me a lot of money to do so.

Yes, the girls on MFC can be pricey for sure.

The main problem here is that the hot girls know they are super hot and they have the ability to control the traffic on the site. What I mean by that is they are able to ask for a high cost-per-minute.

Conclusion: Might Not Cut It!

The bottom line is that I’m not really that impressed with the efforts of Myfreecams and why they have to offer. Sure, the free chatting is nice but I don’t like to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to chat with some super hot model online.

Plenty of other options.

There are a lot of other cam sites that exist out there today. To name a few, there’s Streamate as well as Cam Soda, both of which are better than MFC.

If you’re looking to have a great camming experience, then look no further. Choose to use some of the other sites mentioned. Better yet, I’d suggest you start here.