Lori Bauer On Cam Shaking Her Booty


I was online the other day browsing around on Camsoda and I came across this smoking hot model named Lori Bauer.  What I quickly realized was that she had an ass that just would not quit. I must haven’t watched her shake her booty for over an hour. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and had these big earrings on that made her look like a sexy street girl. I’ve spent years using cam sites and I can’t seem to describe the impact she had on me when I took her in an exclusive private show. Soon as I took Lori Bauer into a private show and she went absolutely bonkers! Keep reading below to find out more about her and the show.

lori bauer camsoda model

Lori Bauer Naked on Camsoda

My Experience Chatting With Lori Bauer

What I mean by that is that she stops at nothing to please people that take her into a private show. My first request was to have her twerk that ass until I couldn’t take it anymore. After that, I asked her to toy her pussy with the biggest dildo that she had.

Her tits were perfect and they sat beautifully as she inserted the sex toy deep inside her tight pussy. I wasn’t expecting this little vixen to be able to successfully take that many inches but apparently, she’s a champ!

Let me share some background information on Lori. She’s 21 years old and she is a sexy Colombian girl that speaks Spanish and English. She does have a couple of tattoos and on special occasions she parties. Apparently, she wants to get bigger boobs too and she’s on a mission to raise enough money to be able to afford them. I’m thinking that you have enough money to spare to help her raise the funds to get them.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say that I’ve probably spent about $200 taking Lori Bauer private on Camsoda. If you’re interested in taking other Latina girls private then I can assure you that n webcam site is better than Camsoda.com for this activity.

After you spend a few moments with this model you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you’re not a member of this cam site then you’re definitely missing out on some great girls.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I will probably end up spending $1,000 on this horny Colombian girl just because I love fucking all South American girls on cams that I can.

In fact, I prefer chatting with girls on Friday nights instead of going on dates just because it’s cheaper and the girls always satisfy me. There’s nothing that Lori Bauer won’t do for money and that includes spreading her legs and talking filthy on camera for anyone that wants to enjoy it.

What Is Camming?


I was speaking with a friend of mine that had never used a webcam. I told him that I was into camming. That person and others have recently asked me the question, “What is camming?” and I didn’t really know how to answer the question. I decided to take some time to craft a response so that people that had no idea what I was referring to would know exactly what “it” was once I was through explaining it to them.

What Is Camming

The Real Definition Of “Camming”

Some people thing of camming as being the act of video chatting with one another for a period of time. However, I completely disagree with those people. As far as I’m concerned, the definition of camming is the act of two people communicating on webcams with the intentions of turning each other on by having sex on video.

That is the true definition of camming and I think that many of the webcam models would agree with me. I’d venture to say that a number of girls would have a more work oriented definition that explains that they are getting compensated for having sex on their webcam.

What’s most important here is not how camming is defined, but how both parties enjoy the act of camming. I’ve had some incredible experiences on video with some horny cam whores. I typically don’t like to call them that but some of the girls refer to themselves as that so I’m not afraid to do the same. Although, I’d never talk to any cam models like that in person. It’s just not something that I believe in.

That said, the act of using cams for sex is an activity that many people enjoy doing and it’s something that I spend thousands of dollars doing. I don’t drink a ton of booze and I don’t spend my money on stupid shit. I rather spend money chatting with hot girls while they toy themselves until they climax.

If you want to learn why I love webcam sex then I suggest you read my entire review of the site called Camsoda. It is by far the best cam site on the planet.

Lastly, I must warn you how addictive these girls can be. You may fall in love with one of them and if you do, you might get as lucky as me and you may, in fact, have a chance to fuck them in person. If you get that chance, you better do it because cam girls fuck better than any other girls I’ve had sex with.

Chatting With College Girls On Cam Is The Best


I love college girls on cam streaming live. Honestly, I spend more time these days chatting with girls that are in college around the country than any other girls. I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars paying these naughty girls to get naked and spread their legs. In fact, I know that I have and I’m not sorry for doing so because I absolutely love it. Here are a few reasons why I love chatting with college girls on webcam.

college girls on cam

Reasons Why I Chat With College Girls On Cam

Here are some of the main reasons why I chat with college girls.

They Are Full Of Energy
If you’ve ever hung around a college or local university then you know how energetic college girls can be. They are like the energizer bunny only naked and with a dildo inside them on camera! College girls stop at nothing to remain energized to please you online. I can honestly say that I’ve felt more energetic after chatting with a college girl than I have when chatting with a milf online. I love the vibe they give off.

They Are Fun
College chicks love to have fun. In fact, they have more fun than most. The camsoda models that are in college always have a smile on their face and they are willing to do anything fun that you ask them to do. Heck, they’ll jog in place and do jumping jacks naked if you ask, all while laughing their asses off and having a ball doing so!

They Appreciate The Money
Let’s face it, when you’re in college you’re pretty broke. Money is super important today and surviving on a college budget with crazy loans isn’t easy. These girls approeciate the money more than you can imagine. I’ve recieved text messages and emails from girls thanking me up and down for supporting their education and helping them get through school. THe good news is that I get to stare at their pretty pink pussies while they study! Yes, I actually made one of the girls where a school girl outfit and read with her legs open. LOL

They Take Things Further
Like I said, college girls are wild and when they get in front of a webcam and you toss cash at them, it gets crazier than ever! These girls are willing to try anything in the world and they will take things to the furthest extreme known if you want them to do so. All you have to do is ask nicely, pay for it and you shall receive. Just treat them with respect and they will do what you want them to do!

They’re Willing To Date You
Yes, it’s absolutely true. I’ve actually had sex with a couple of college girls that I met via webcam. Some of them apparently lived nearby and they were willing to fuck. I wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity so I went for it! I can’t say for certain that you’ll be as lucky as me but I can promise you that it happened and it was amazing.

Well, now that I’ve shared every reason why I’m in love with some many college cam girls, I think I’ll take a couple private right now!

Why Webcam Sex Is Better Than Real Dating


I’ve come to learn that using webcam sex sites is way better than actually dating girls. I know you think I sound crazy saying that but it’s the honest to god truth. I can think of a million reasons why I rather chat with a webcam model versus actually going out on a physical date. Let me give you a few reasons why.

webcam sex

Here’s Why Webcam Sex Is better Than Going On Dates

Dating in person is great because you actually stick your dick in something. However, webcam sex is so much fucking better! Here’s why…

It’s Cheaper
Webcam sex is much cheaper than taking a girl out on a date. You can take a girl private for next to nothing. She’ll get naked and it will cost you less than the price of lunch sometimes. Cam girls are cheaper than real dates because you don’t have the additional costs we often forget about. Time, clothes, dinner, condoms, driving it all costs money and it’s not cheap. You know what is cheap? Chatting cam to cam with a girl instead.

It’s A Guarantee
You don’t get on a chat with a webcam model and hope to get off or see her naked. It’s a legit guarantee that you’re going to get lucky. You will see her pussy and you’re going to cum. There’s no question about it. I hate not knowing if I’m getting laid on a date. I can’t stand not knowing whether I’m going to get lucky or not.

You Know The Girl’s Hot
In some cases, you haven’t got a clue as to whether or not a girl is smoking hot in person or if she’s ugly as fuck. With cam girls, you know exactly what they look like. There is no guessing involved because you’ve got a chance to see the girl that’s going to get naked on cam for you. I’ve been on too many dates that involved a hot girl in a photo and an ugly girl in person. I’m over that shit!

She’ll Do What You Want
This one here is part of the rules as far as I’m concerned! When you’re having webcam sex with a model, most of the time they will do whatever you want them to do. Yes, there may be extreme cases where girls are not willing to do everything like huge dildos and other things but for the most part, these cam girls will do anything you want them to do.

You Don’t Have To Leave
This is the best part of it all. You don’t have to go anywhere to have webcam sex with a smoking hot model. You can literally be lounging around in your sweatpants eating ice cream while smoking weed and decide you want to fuck a cam girl. Simple as that. You don’t need to go anywhere and you still get off. It’s awesome!

If those reasons alone aren’t enough for you to get on a chat with a smoking hot cam girl then I’m not sure what to tell you! I should also mention that you’re able to schedule chat dates with models if you’re on a time crunch. They do it and I schedule them all the time.

How To Chat Without Getting Caught


Let’s face it, some of you aren’t single. Some of you don’t have the luxury that us bachelors have. We can without a doubt, spends hours online staring at naked chat models without ever getting in trouble. If you’re married or you have a girlfriend, you’re not completely shit out of luck. You can still spend some quality time with these naughty cam girls and can even get them naked without putting yourself at risk. I’m going to give you a few pointers on how you can accomplish all of this!

dont get caught

Chat With Girls Without Getting Caught

Here are a few tips that will help you chat with hot cam models without causing any issues with your girlfriend or wife. I recommend that you read this closely and take notes because I’m 100% positive these tips will keep you safe and sound with your significant other while still enjoying a few nice cam shows.

Clear Browser History

The most important thing to remember is to clear your computer history. This is super important especially if you share a computer or device with your wife or girlfriend. They may get super pissed off if they find out that you’ve been browsing online looking at cam girls. Don’t make the mistake of not clearing your history and getting in trouble. When it can be avoided, it’s best to avoid it!

Use A Spare Credit Card

If you have a credit card that your wife or girlfriend don’t open, then I suggest you use that to charge your cam shows with the girls. You don’t want her to open up a statement and find something that you regret then I suggest you put it on a credit card that your girl doesn’t look at or can’t get her hands on. The good news is that most of the sites have a very discreet billing policy. So the chances of you getting caught are very slim if she does get your credit card statement. I always like to think, better safe than sorry though!

Do It Home Alone

I do not suggest trying to get a cam show in in the event that you have someone else at your house. I can almost guarantee that it will turn into a disaster if you do. You get caught in a naked video show with another girl you might get in big fucking trouble.

Use A Mobile Device

I use my phone and iPad to have cam chats on CamSoda.com. I almost never use my main computer to chat. The reason I don’t is because I want to be extra cautious with what device I chat online with. Just in case someone comes over and needs to use my computer.

I’ve basically laid out a fool proof way that you can have a successful chat session with the girl of your choice online and all without ever getting caught.


Cam Hookup Tips To Always Remember


Some people think that just because there is a computer screen between a cam girl and themselves that there are no rules and that tips don’t matter. I’m here to prove otherwise. By applying some of the cam hookup tips shared below, I’ve been able to successfully have super cheap live cam shows and have even fucked a cam girl that lived near me.

cam hookup rules

Important Cam hookup Tips To Know

Here are some of the most important hookup tips when getting with a cam girl online.

Always Talk Before Private
Most don’t know this cam hookup rule but it’s really a 101 when it comes to live chat. Before you go running into a private chat or exclusive chat with a cam girl, you should talk to her briefly in the public chat. I’m not telling you to ask her to do anything or to get naked. Just make conversation so she knows you’re interested in going private with her.

Don’t Waste Her Time
Cam girls love getting you off but most of them are online to make money. You need to respect that and not waste their time. For example, if you’re dilly dallying and jumping in and out of private chat rooms just to get a free peak then you’re going to be blocked. Some sites allow models to say by to users if they are wasting their time. Don’t be that guy. You may not realize it but these models talk about users just as much as you talk about them. If you want to be known as a great user and not a time waster then just don’t waste time!

chat girl bye

Always Tip Extra
What’s a few extra bucks anyway right? If you find a cam girl that does everything perfect and make you think that she’s all that and then some, well, I urge you to be generous and tip her well. Giving a few extra dollars here and there to the cam girls you like will certainly work to your advantage. Let me give you some personal insight here. I used to chat with one Camsoda model almost daily and I always gave her an extra $5.00 tip. It was less than the price of a sandwich but it did wonders for me. One day, I was chatting with her and I learned that she lived nearby. We got to talking and agreed to meet in person to connect with one another. Well, I ended up having sex with her after going on a real date with her. I still take her into private chats to this day.

Don’t Degrade Her
This is a very important cam hookup rule. Unless the girl that you are chatting with requests that you degrade her then definitely do not do this. It can cause serious issues and can even get you banned from the website. These models are real people that like to be treated as such. If you find yourself getting a little to aggressive, just ask one of them whether or not she’s into that type of stuff and if she is then go for it. If not, then I’d suggest you steer clear of any vulgar talk.

Conversation Topics For Private Chat Sessions


If you’re thinking about going into a private chat session with some smoking hot cam model then you better have a few things to talk about with her. Most girls are going to require that you put forth a tiny bit of effort to speak with them so you better have some go-to topics in mind.

I know, it sounds strange that one girl would want to chat with you and actually have a conversation about something as she’s getting naked but it’s absolutely true.

conversation topics for chat sessions

Some Conversation Topics When Taking A Girl Live Via Chat.

Her Shoes
Women love talking about their shoes. If you don’t know this by now then I’m guessing you never get laid. Just kidding! No, but seriously, women absolutely love showing off their high heels etc.

Her Outfit
Cam girls love to be told they look sexy. They spend a ton of time online chatting with guys and oftentimes they don’t feel sexy enough. It sounds weird but some girls just don’t. A good way to make a woman feel sexy is to chat with her about what she’s wearing. Tell her it’s sexy and ask what she prefers to wear etc.

What She Likes In A Guy
I always ask what a girl likes most about a guy. Some of these cam girls love talking about things they enjoy and if you can make that connection, you might have a winner. In fact, the girl may go above and beyond for you.

Ask Her What She Does Off Camera
Don’t be afraid to ask one of the models what she likes to do off cam. If you’re spending enough time with one she may open up to you about her personal life and that’s always a plus if you want good chat deals.

Her Fetishes
Showing interest in a cam girls fetishes is like feeding her crack. She’ll love talking about it and it’s almost a guarantee that she will be turned on after discussing things with you. I’ve been fortunate enough to have girls tell me their deepest and darkest desires only to have them act them out on webcam for me minutes later. It can happen that quickly. I’m not joking!

I typically stick to the topics that I’ve mentioned above. It’s not all that uncommon for me to go on a tangent and have a model inserting two toys inside for fun. Hey, it happens…an awful lot!

If you haven’t tried spark up a conversation with any of the girls then I urge you to do so immediately. Just visit their chat room and take one private. I took three private today already and it was awesome.

Six Must-Know Cam Chat Basic Rules


If you’re new to all this cam chat stuff then there’s a good chance you have no idea what the basic rules of chatting on cam with a girl. I know it seems strange that there are rules but there are and a lot of sites will kick you off if you disobey them. I’ll cover some of the basics that you need to know if you want to have any success at all.

basic cam tips

Basic Cam Chat Tips You Need To Understand

In And Out Sucks
If you’re joining a cam site for the first time and you’re starting to chat with a girl and you’re not feeling it then you absolutely can leave the room. However, if you’re a typical “in and out” type guy that makes the girls strip down only to exit just to get out of the room then you’re going to get flagged as being a cheap douchebag. You don’t go to get a lap dance at the strip club and leave mid-song because you don’t like the girl right? Exactly! The same goes for camming online.

Avoid Bad Ratings
These cam girls do this for a living and they really appreciate it when users give them good ratings. It helps increase their earnings and is your way of showing that the service was good. Unless you absolutely hate a cam girl then I suggest you give her a good rating. The only time I’ve given a girl a bad rating was when she did nothing but lay there for 3 minutes and not even talk to me. I was absolutely bullshit about it. That happened on LiveJasmin though, not CamSoda.

Don’t Tell Use Your Real Name
When you’re signing up to become a member of the site, you never want to use your real name. Doing so is a big no-no and I’d strongly advise against telling the girls any personal information. I shared information with you about me because that’s the purpose of this site but I don’t tell the girls about myself at all. You’re a member of the site so they can facilitate all that. Afterall, that’s what you are paying for. Girls come and go. Those that do, you don’t want them to know anything too personal about you.

Don’t Be Rude
If you don’t like one of the cam models or you think she’s not that great, then just be polite and keep your mouth shut. Leave the room and leave it at that. If you’re rude, the girl may complain and even get you kicked off the site. There are so many camgirls that being rude to one because you didn’t like her cam show doesn’t make sense.

Go Private Chat
If you’re a member of Camsoda.com or any other cam site, you never want to let other people know what you are writing in the group chat. Instead, be sure to make your text private so that only you and the model can see it. It’s a much more intimate appraoch.

Don’t Leave Without A Thank You
You should always thank the girl that you take private for a show. Never leave the show just because you’re done. The polite thing to do is to say thank you and formally say bye to the girl. She’ll appreciate you more if you do. Trust me.

Well, those are some of the basic must-knows when it comes to chatting with cam girls.