Cam Show Categories That Are Super Popular Today


Being an expert adult cam site user, I’ve come across just about every web cam show niche that exists. Some of the niches that people like to watch cams in will absolutely blow your mind. You name the type of model and it exists. I’m not going to go into anything too creepy here. Instead, I’m going to touch upon the cam model categories that seem to be the most popular these days.

Most Popular Cam Show Categories

Top List Of Cam Show Categories Most People Love

This list is only based on the research that I’ve personally conducted. After trying nearly 30 cam sites, I think I know what I’m talking about here. Anyway, without further delay, here are the applicable categories and a rundown of what each one consists of.

Latina – I am going to start with this one because it’s one of the highest demanded cam girl categories on the Internet. There is nothing better than taking a dirty Latina girl into an exclusive show and having her spread her pussy for you. I’ve spent thousands on a few Camsoda girls alone in this niche. One that comes to mind is LucySantana. She’s fierce and loves to fuck the Ohmibod toy!

Milf/Mature – Given that milf porn is so hot, it only makes sense that milf cam girls would be just as hot if not hotter and in higher demand. All those horny hot moms that you want to have sex with are typically right here 24/7 waiting for someone to take them in an exclusive chat. The milfs are not afraid to do some roleplay with you if that’s what you’re into as well. Perhaps that’s why people love these older filthy women. I know it’s why I do!


Squirt – Okay time for me to get serious here. If you haven’t seen a girl squirt before then you need to stop reading this blog post and log on to see it. It might be one of the most mindblowing experiences that I’ve ever had. I’m talking crazy mind blowing. Guys often cam with squirters just to see them shoot their pussy juice across a room (and some can shoot that far). In certain cases, it may even look like a girl has a gallon of water coming out of her pussy. It’s breathtaking really and something you need to experience!

Ass – Big booty is in very high demand online these days. Cam girls spend hours toning their butts so that they can twerk better than all the rest. Some girls are extremely talented and can twerk with a fat dildo in their assholes. That’s something that deserves a few extra tokens if you ask me. I’m an ass man (actually ass and tits), so I really like a small waist and big booty model!

College – Girls in college will do just about anything for money. They will fuck an enormous dildo and stretch every hole possible if you pay them. Not to mention they are so darn cute and likeable. It’s no secret that young college chicks are a huge hit for cam whales out there. You know, the whales, the heavy hitters spending tens of thousands on girls to fuck their college education. That’s right, I said it!

There are many other cam girl categories that exist but these are the most basic popular cam show categories that most people tend to flock towards. Register for free to become a member, get your free tokens and check out one of the categories mentioned above.

Common Fantasies That Cam Girls Have


Sure, you spend time chatting online with a ton of cam girls. Heck, maybe you even like to actually talk to them about their personal sexual fantasies. What I can say is that most people probably don’t take the time to chat with the cam girl of their dreams. Instead, they rather just ask them to get naked and play with their dildo or vibrator. I’m going to help you switch things up by sharing some of the common fantasies that these cam girls have.

sexual fantasies cam girls have

Fantasies That Many Cam Girls Have That You Didn’t Know About…

Sure, even webcam hotties have sexual fantasies that have not been fulfilled. Lots of them are extremely open to share them with you too. All you need to do is take them into a private chat and get them to open up. Here are a few of the most popular fantasies that cam girls have today.

Threesomes – Believe it or not, many of the girls that work on cam haven’t had threesomes. Sure some of them have hooked up with girls because they are bisexual but not all of them. It would be wise to ask them if they like to invite other people into the bedroom to join in on the fun. Keep it fun and not too dirty when discussing this.

Gangbangs – I know, I’m going from zero to one hundred here but that is what you can do when talking cam girls. Some of the girls on Camsoda literally fantasize of having gangbangs with a group of black guys. Yes, you heard that right! These girls aren’t afraid to take a ton of huge black cocks on all at once.

Force Fucking – For some odd reason, lots of girls have a force fucking fantasy. They fantasize about being forced to throat fuck or get their assholes pounded. Now, if you had a chance to force fuck one of these girls or watch them force fuck would you take them up on the offer? You bet your ass you would! It’s actually the submissiveness that appears to most of these little sexy girls.

Schoolgirl – Most of the cam girls enjoy dressing up in different outfits. They want to act like they did something wrong as a young schoolgirl. It’s a superiority fetish and fantasy that they have. I would not be surprised if a good number of them actually fulfilled this fantasy on more than one occasion.

Nerds – A lot of the cam girls like to fantasize about taking on a dorky nerd wearing black glasses with a huge dick. They want you to take them to pound town with that big dorky cock. Trust me, a lot of girls that you think would not be willing to hook up with a nerdy guy in fact dream about it.

These are just some of the things that these cam girls fantasize about. If you think you can fulfill any of the fantasies that mentioned above, I strongly encourage you to spend time contacting the girls to set up a chat. The girls will fuck you or at least act it out on webcam.

Teledildonics And Live Cam Sex


Some people simply are not satisfied with having sex on webcam with girls. Not that it isn’t satisfying for them, it’s just that they have done it so much they often require additional stimulation to get off. There are many reasons why I love sex with cam girls and this is one of the reasons. A lot of people turn to teledildonics for more sexual stimulation today. I am amongst a group of those that have turned to it too. Find out what it is and how it can enhance your sex life.

Carey Bradshaw Trying Teledildonics

Sex In The City Carey Bradshaw: Teledildonics Is Here!

What Is Teledildonics And Why It’s Awesome?

Teledildonics, also commonly known as “cyber dildonics” is quite complex. It involves the incorporation of technology and mutual masturbation via telepresence. In simple terms, it is using sex toys controlled by humans in a virtual reality setting.

What I can say is that I’ve done this with a couple of girls on Camsoda and the experience was absolutely unreal. The technology was developed by an individual named Ted Nelson way back in 1975. Robotic sex sounds so strange but it can enhance the fuck out of your cam to cam sex session.

How does it enhance it?

I’m glad you asked! It gives you the opportunity to feel what it would be like if you were literally fucking the girl on your webcam. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced from a sexual stimulation perspective.

Lots of online adult webcam companies like Camsoda are incorporating this into their services. They take certain sex toys and develop them for full integration and use.

If you have never tried this you should ask one of the cam girls if they have the technology to have a teledildonic session with you. I’m 100% positive that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Where To Purchase Teledildonic Equipment

If you’re looking to purchase equipment to have these experiences then you can check out your local sex toy shop. If it’s somewhat upscale, then I can almost guarantee they will be well-versed in the area and likely have toys that can accommodate you. What you need to know about this technology is that it truly takes sex to a greater social level. Typically, you just chat, the girl gets nude, shoves a huge dildo inside her and you jerk off watch. With teledildonics, much more occurs with the same activity.

For example, women tend to insert dildos and vibrators deep in their pussies on camera. When you’re in a teledildonic chat session, you can actually feel how tight her pussy really is as she fucks the toy. No lie, it is the coolest thing I’ve done in years. You’ve gotta check it out. Sex with robots might change the world forever!

If you don’t think interactive sex toys are here to stay then you are wrong my friend! These types of toys are not going anywhere. In fact, they are only going to grow in popularity as time progresses. We live in a very technical world and webcam sex just got a whole lot better!

Why This Is Better Than Skype Sex


If you’ve never had sex via Skype then you simply haven’t decided to live to the fullest yet. However, there are a ton of drawbacks when it comes to using Skype to chat with a girl. I’m going to give you every reason why I think you should avoid using Skype and instead only chat using a dedicated cam sex site. Some of these reasons may be shocking to you so I suggest you hold on tight. Things may get a little bumpy. Here’s a list of five reasons Camsoda is ten times better than Skype.

skype sucks

Camsoda Is Way Better Than Skype For These Main Reasons

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to get off while chatting but something goes wrong? Well, that almost always happens when you use Skype over Camsoda. Here more reasons why sex chat on Skype fucking sucks big time.

Skype Isn’t Secure
One of the main drawbacks of using other video chat apps other than Camsoda is that they simply aren’t as secure as they should be. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard about people using Skype or other video apps only to find out that someone else is listening and watching them. It’s because the application they were using wasn’t secure enough. You may have just got caught chatting too.

The good news is that can’t get any more secure. When you use a site like that, you are able to put yourself out there in confidence that you’re communicating in a safe and encrypted network. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it truly is important. After all, this is a sexual experience and one you’d like to keep private I assume.

Shitty Connection
So many people are Skyping across the globe and for that reason alone the quality can sometimes suck. I always used to have connection problems when Skyping with girls. Not because my Internet was slow but because the quality of the application was garbage. It affected the connect and most of the time the calls would get dropped. What I like about Camsoda is that they have an internal buffering system that prevents this from happening. It makes the videos crystal clear and puts them in real time.

Girls Can Fuck You Over
See on Camsoda, the girls are so amazing and they never fuck anyone over because everything is tracked. Your time on the site and everything is monitored so rest assured that if a girl does you wrong (which won’t happen) then you’re safe and secure. However, if you have a video session with some random girl and you Paypal her money to chat with you, she may fuck you over big time. Trust me, it has happened to the best of us.

Camsoda Has Great Support
The subtitle kind of explains it all to you. They have amazing support and if anything goes wrong, you’re completely safe and secure. Now if you’re using Skype or some other video chatting app that’s free and something goes wrong then you are completely on your own. You will not get any help if you’re using other methods of chatting.

These are some of the main reasons why I tend to avoid using every single video chatting tool on the planet other than my Camsoda account. I believe that when you find something good you hold on tight for dear life and that is why I’ll be fucking girls live on camsoda for years to come!

Five Reasons Why Local Girls Become Cam Models


I’ve been asked this question a hundred times, “why do girls become cam models?” Each and every time I answer the question, the people I speak with seem to understand it. At first, most are scratching their heads wondering what would possess someone to want to do this and some of the reasons may shock you. I’m going to share all the reasons that I can think of why some random girl would actually want to become a webcam model.

reasons girls become cam models

Five Reasons Why Local Girls Become Cam Models

Of course, there are more reasons, but this should help you have a better understanding of these smoking hot webcam vixens that parade themselves around naked live on the Internet.

They Love Being Naked
Some cam girls do it because they love being naked. In fact, they would spend the majority of their time without any clothes on if possible. This is the one fun activity that they can reap many benefits from while still being completely naked.

They Love Money
Webcam girls love making money and some of the girls make lots of it. They don’t do this for their health. Many girls know that if they spend enough time naked on cam they can make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They’re Horny As Fuck
Some girls are just that horny. They are so horny that all they need is one excuse to get naked, chat with someone and masturbate on cam in order to climax. That reason alone should get you to want to join.

They Love Being Social
Camming is a way for some girls to expand their personally social network and some of them absolutely love being social. They can spend hours chatting online with random guys because they get joy and satisfaction out of it.

They Want Dick
Some cam girls want dick and they become cam models to meet more horny men. Sure, some of them won’t meet you in person but not all of them. There are plenty of cam girls that will fuck guys in person if they are treated right. They date plenty of men they meet online because they are normal girls. They use dating sites but most often prefer using cam sites to meet and hook up instead.

These five reasons should help you better understand why girls join these sites and parade themselves around. I love every single one of them and I can’t say that I blame them one bit for doing any of it. I love fucking girls on cam as well as in person. I’m sure if you put in enough time and effort, you’ll be able to hook up with plenty of cam girls just like I do.

Things To Do If You Want To Score Points With Cam Girls


Some cam site users have no idea that the cam girls remember them. They think that it’s nothing more than a basic chat session and that’s it. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s completely incorrect. The girls most definitely remember the guys that they go private with. If you want to score points with them, then you can do a few things for them. I’m going to share a few of the things with you below.

Score Points w/ Cam Girls Doing These Four Things

Message Them
If you want to score points with some of the cam models like Gia Carrera, then I suggest that you put forth efforts to message them from time to time. Just check in to say hello. Try and schedule a cam show with them and even take the time to find out when they are going to be online next. You can do this by sending a message via the online messaging system.


Buy Them Stuff
A lot of the girls have Amazon wishlists that they share with the guys that join sites like Camsoda. In the event that you’re looking to make a good impression on one of the girls that you’ve taking to an exclusive chat, buy her something. If you have extra money, buy her a few things. She may be willing to do extra things for you via chat if you do this.

Rate Them High
Cam models get better placement when they have better ratings. This is how simple cam site algorithms work. It’s not rocket science. If you have the ability to give a girl a 5-star rating then I suggest you do so. You can even email the girl letting her know that you’ve rated her as high as possible.

Send More Money
If you send any girls bonus money they are going to love you for it! I always send a little extra tip to the Camsoda models that I take private. They always remember that and doing so works quite well in y favor.

I promise that if you do any of these good deeds previously mentioned, you are going to have the best cam experience of your lifetime during your next private show. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to help you out!  I’m just here to ensure you’ll have a first class camming experience. For more ways to ensure a top notch experience, check out this page I wrote with my best tips.

Watch Lovely Gia Carrera On Cam


The other day I had the pleasure of taking Gia Carrera into a private cam show. I must say that I was utterly surprised when I learned the type of masturbation skills that she had. I typically don’t go for Asian girls with small tits but this girl had a real nice charm to her and she seemed extremely eager to please anyone that would give her the time of day online.

gia carrera live on cam

I Love Gia Carrera Naked On Cam

I ended up going into an exclusive private show with this Asian college girl that literally cost me next to nothing and boy was I glad I did. Gia Carrera spent about 10 minutes masturbating by rubbing her big clit while I watched. I did my best to keep her excited and it seemed to have worked.

I no sooner realized that she had pierced nipples and I asked her to squeeze them for me while rubbing her pussy. It was an Asian masterpiece on cam. The face paint that she wore made her look sexy and it was something that really turned me on.

Let me give you some background information on Gia Carrera. For starters, she is part Asian and part Colombian. She lives in California and speaks both sSpanishand English. She has a super sexy accent that will make you want to grab your dick and stick it deep inside her tight naughty hole. Her tits aren’t big at all. She’s got 34A boobs and although they are huge, they are big enough to keep me entertained.

asian webcam girl

Gia finger banged her tight pussy until she had an extreme orgasm that literally made her shake with joy. I thought her eyes were going to roll into the back of her head! If you like Asian cam girls then I suggest you check this dirty girl out. SO, to sum things up, I love Gia Carrera because she’s willing to do anything on her webcam for money, even plow her own pussy with her hand until she screams and quivers!

In the event that you’re interested in taking one of the Camsoda models live then I suggest you become a member and take full advantage of the free tokens that they are giving new users now.

Reasons Why I Love Getting Off To Cam Models Live


I’m not going to lie to you, I love getting off to cam models live on webcam chat. It’s perhaps my favorite activity in the entire world. I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours online scrolling through tons of cam models in hopes of finding one that I truly want to fuck. The majority of my time these days is spent using the Camsoda website. Here are some of the reasons why I love getting off to these hot cam models live on video feeds.

getting off with cam girls

Main Reasons Why I Love Getting Off With Cam Models I meet Online

Here are just a few of the reasons that I truly enjoy hooking up with cam models and getting off with them in private one on one chats.

1. It’s cheaper than a date in person.

2. I don’t have to leave my house to meet anyone.

3. I get to pick the girl that I want to have an orgasm with.

4. It always takes less than an hour and I know that I will end up seeing the girl naked.

5. The girls will literally do anything I want.

6. I can have an orgasm with a girl on webcam while at the same time watching sports.

7. There’s no awkward “after sex” talk required. I just end the session and continue on with my day as planned.

8. I never run into a shortage of pussy on cam to fuck.

9. The girls always compliment the size of my johnson, even though it’s I’m not Ron Jeremy status.

10. I earn points on my credit card for spending money while orgasming with a smoking hot cam girl.

11. Cam girls don’t nag or complain about things.

12. I don’t have to bring any of my cam dates home to meet my family.

13. The girls are extremely dirty and love anal sex.

14. I can fulfill my fetishes anytime of the day and without being self-conscious about them.

15. It’s cheaper than hiring an escort or going to the strip club.

These reasons alone are plenty to want to stay in and take a cam model live to get off with her. If you’re not convinced then you need to keep taking a look around at some of the girls that I’ve blogged about. For example, I fell in love with Cali Green after I learned the skills that she had acquired in the bedroom. By skills, I’m referring to how good of a cocksucker she truly was. There are plenty of other college girls that are awesome on the site too.

I’m sure you’ll find one or two that you want to fuck in a private session. In fact, I’m so sure of it that if you decide you cannot find one then I suggest that you email me directly and I’ll be glad to personally connect you with some of the girls that I’ve had the pleasure of getting off with online.

Cali Green Deepthroats Black Dick On Cam


I’m not a huge fan of interracial sex but I never miss a chance to see Cali Green suck a huge black dick after seeing one of her shows. I happened to be browsing Camsoda the other day and I came across her profile. I have to say that I was absolutely stunned when I saw what she could do with her mouth alone!

Cali Green Blowjob

Cali Green Sucks Black Dick On Webcam

I’m going to tell you a little about Cali Green and why she’s one of my favorite cam girls these days on Camsoda. I’m going to give you the background on her and tell you why this chick is fucking awesome! For starters, no lie, she takes a thick black dick deeper down her throat than most dream about. CaliGreen is into all types of people. She loves men, women, and even couples. Her name is CaliGreen because of her eyes. They are as green as can be. She smokes and drinks too and her tits are huge. They are nothing less than 36 DD for sure.

Cali Green is kind of a freak and she hates small dicks. She’s not afraid to lick a black guys balls on webcam and for that, I have to commend her for sure. Anyway, I spent a good amount of time in a private chat session with this horny white girl and I watched her fuck and fuck this hung black guy. I’m not sure if it was her boyfriend or just some random guy she met to fuck but it was absolutely awesome! You gotta check out this chick and take her private.

caligreen webcam

If you are not into the interracial sex thing then that’s perfectly fine. I’m confident that you’ll be able to find some girl live on cam on this site that’s willing to do whatever you want to please you. I’ve taken hundreds of girls in private and not a single one of them has ever disappointed me.

cali green interracial

I will bet you $100.00 that you can find a girl to make you cum on this webcam site. If you can’t then I’ll literally give you $100. That’s a bet that you can’t turn down.

Lori Bauer On Cam Shaking Her Booty


I was online the other day browsing around on Camsoda and I came across this smoking hot model named Lori Bauer.  What I quickly realized was that she had an ass that just would not quit. I must haven watched her shake her booty for over an hour. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and had these big earrings on that made her look like a sexy street girl. I’ve spent years using cam sites and I can’t seem to describe the impact she had on me when I took her in an exclusive private show. Soon as I took Lori Bauer into a private show and she went absolutely bonkers! Keep reading below to find out more about her and the show.

lori bauer camsoda model

Lori Bauer Naked on Camsoda

My Experience Chatting With Lori Bauer

What I mean by that is that she stops at nothing to please people that take her into a private show. My first request was to have her twerk that ass until I couldn’t take it anymore. After that, I asked her to toy her pussy with the biggest dildo that she had. Her tits were perfect and they sat beautifully as she inserted the sex toy deep inside her tight pussy. I wasn’t expecting this little vixen to be able to successfully take that many inches but apparently she’s a champ!

Let me share some background information on Lori. She’s 21 years old and she is a sexy Colombian girl that speaks Spanish and English. She does have a couple of tattoos and on special occasions she parties. Apparently she wants to get bigger boobs too and she’s on a mission to raise enough money to be able to afford them. I’m thinking that you have enough money to spare to help her raise the funds to get them.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say that I’ve probably spent about $200 taking Lori Bauer private on Camsoda. If you’re interested in taking other Latina girls private then I can assure you that n webcam site is better than for this activity. After you spend a few moments with this model you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you’re not a member of this cam site then you’re definitely missing out on some great girls. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I will probably end up spending $1,000 on this horny Colombian girl just because I love fucking all South American girls on cam that I can. In fact, I prefer chatting with girls on Friday nights instead of going on dates just because it’s cheaper and the girls always satisfy me. There’s nothing that Lori Bauer won’t do for money and that includes spreading her legs and talking filthy on camera for anyone that wants to enjoy it.