Cam Hookup Tips To Always Remember


Some people think that just because there is a computer screen between a cam girl and themselves that there are no rules and that tips don’t matter. I’m here to prove otherwise. By applying some of the cam hookup tips shared below, I’ve been able to successfully have super cheap live cam shows and have even fucked a cam girl that lived near me.

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Important Cam hookup Tips To Know

Here are some of the most important hookup tips when getting with a cam girl online.

Always Talk Before Private
Most don’t know this cam hookup rule but it’s really a 101 when it comes to live chat. Before you go running into a private chat or exclusive chat with a cam girl, you should talk to her briefly in the public chat. I’m not telling you to ask her to do anything or to get naked. Just make conversation so she knows you’re interested in going private with her.

Don’t Waste Her Time
Cam girls love getting you off but most of them are online to make money. You need to respect that and not waste their time. For example, if you’re dilly dallying and jumping in and out of private chat rooms just to get a free peak then you’re going to be blocked. Some sites allow models to say by to users if they are wasting their time. Don’t be that guy. You may not realize it but these models talk about users just as much as you talk about them. If you want to be known as a great user and not a time waster then just don’t waste time!

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Always Tip Extra
What’s a few extra bucks anyway right? If you find a cam girl that does everything perfect and make you think that she’s all that and then some, well, I urge you to be generous and tip her well. Giving a few extra dollars here and there to the cam girls you like will certainly work to your advantage. Let me give you some personal insight here. I used to chat with one Camsoda model almost daily and I always gave her an extra $5.00 tip. It was less than the price of a sandwich but it did wonders for me. One day, I was chatting with her and I learned that she lived nearby. We got to talking and agreed to meet in person to connect with one another. Well, I ended up having sex with her after going on a real date with her. I still take her into private chats to this day.

Don’t Degrade Her
This is a very important cam hookup rule. Unless the girl that you are chatting with requests that you degrade her then definitely do not do this. It can cause serious issues and can even get you banned from the website. These models are real people that like to be treated as such. If you find yourself getting a little to aggressive, just ask one of them whether or not she’s into that type of stuff and if she is then go for it. If not, then I’d suggest you steer clear of any vulgar talk.

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