MyFreeCams Review: Personal Experience Testing This Site


You know that I go out of my way to try just about every cam site on this planet. When I came across a site called MyFreeCams, I knew that it was something I needed to take some action on. While I love testing sites, I typically turn back to the best cam site in the world and I can’t seem to find out that even competes with it. That said, I am more than willing to put my time and effort into camming with new girls so long as they’ll show me a good time. That’s why I tried out and I’m now sharing everything I can about it. Before you take the plunge and enter your information, be sure to read this full review and learn everything you must know about it. screenshot

The Truth About MyFreeCams (After Two Weeks Testing)

If you take the time to search online for one of the many reviews written on then you’ll likely come across this one and more. The problem is that so many of those published out there are not entirely truthful. In fact, many of them make it seem like this site is completely free and awesome to use but truth be told, it’s not.

Not So Free

The one thing that really bothers me about MFC is that the cams are not free. They do make it seem like you get just about everything for free on this site but that’s not the case. Sure, the site has a few free options for chatting but nothing very explicit and certainly nothing that I’d recommend diving into.

Lack of Clarity

I personally don’t like how unclear the site is about things, especially being free. The site obviously isn’t a horrible website but it doesn’t come out and say that there will be charges involved. In fact, the naming convention is a bit shady in a sense. Most people think using the MyFreeCams site means that they will be getting 100% free cams. The ugly truth is that it’s not the case.

Site Features

When it comes to features and site design, this one is a bit dated. Aside from the basic like cam feeds, they do not offer much to people. A lot of people do use this cam site, perhaps more than most other places. Now you’d expect to get more than just basic functions and features given the activity, number of members and the overall popularity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the site at all in terms of features or layout.

The Girls

Most of the girls on MFC are okay at best. There are a ton of them but who cares if they’re not online and not smoking hot? I can head to the local bar and meet girls or I can Snapchat with some locals for free if I want to convince them to get naked on webcam.

However, when I pay for a chat session, I expect the girls to be super hot and horny, like this girl. There were a few that seemed worthy enough to take private and I did just that. It was a pretty hefty cost for me to do that and it cost me a lot of money to do so.

Yes, the girls on MFC can be pricey for sure.

The main problem here is that the hot girls know they are super hot and they have the ability to control the traffic on the site. What I mean by that is they are able to ask for a high cost-per-minute.

Conclusion: Might Not Cut It!

The bottom line is that I’m not really that impressed with the efforts of Myfreecams and why they have to offer. Sure, the free chatting is nice but I don’t like to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to chat with some super hot model online.

Plenty of other options.

There are a lot of other cam sites that exist out there today. To name a few, there’s Streamate as well as Cam Soda, both of which are better than MFC.

If you’re looking to have a great camming experience, then look no further. Choose to use some of the other sites mentioned. Better yet, I’d suggest you start here. Detailed Review and Experience Testing It Out!


Many of the people that I know don’t use any other cam sites besides They use one that they like and stick to it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the approach and I typically prefer to do the same. However, at times I will go out of my way to test out sites just like I did with The site claims to be the leader amongst many when it comes to nude chatting and I simply had to put that to the test and see if it was as good as many say it is. That’s the main reason why I did everything imaginable on RabbitsCams and I’m sharing it all with you today, right here and right now.

screenshot of

My Site Report and Chatting Experience

Instead of wasting too much time sharing the many details of this site, I’ll instead focus on the areas that matter most and cut out all the bullshit that no one really cares about.

I’m going to kick this off by mentioning that looks can be a bit deceiving with this website. If you take a close look at the site, you’ll like notice that it’s got a familiar feel. The full-screen viewing option and the model layout on the homepage might seem a lot like a site called Streammate. Guess what, that’s because it is a lot like the site! is simply what’s known as a private label Streamate site. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s also not a great thing either.

I’ll share some of the things I really like about this site and then tell you what I’m not a big fan of. If you’re looking for lots of model options, you may find quite a few on However, there are not as many on the site as you think. If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that Camsoda has more models that are actively seeking to chat with users.

I do like the fact that they offer free shows but the models literally show nothing in these freebies. That’s quite the contrary when dealing with Camsoda. I’ve seen some girls spread their pussy lips and insert the biggest toys in the world on what I call the “free soda cam” and it’s delightful.

The good news is that Rabbitscams almost always has some crazy horny girl online looking to hook up and chat. Not all cam sites have this and some are more popular at times than others, which is most definitely why I suggest finding out the time in which it’s best for you and your wallet to watch these models get naked.

One thing I didn’t necessarily like about is that most of the models are just that. They are literally professional cam models that sit in a room in a studio and cam all day long. There are no amateur girls (like Kelsi Monro) that work on this site for the most part.

Also, if you do use the site long enough and you begin to rack up some free credits, they won’t get you very far with the paid models. The discounts aren’t very deep and the models may even take advantage of the fact that that you’re using free credits.

Now if you’re looking for a solid free cam site option then your best bet would be to look elsewhere. I’d skip using completely and go for this one instead. You’ll have more models to choose from and better conversations. Trust me, I’m a habitual user to the nth degree!

Want to give a try? Feel free to click here to try it out.

Reasons Why I Love Gloryhole Live Cam Action


I’ve been known to spend a number of hours using live cam sites and part of the reason for doing so is in my search for gloryhole girls! I’m a huge advocate for this type of thing. When I’m not chasing around girls like Jenna Shea and other naughty cam babes, I’m often found lurking around on my computer searching for some gloryhole loving girl to watch. There are plenty of reasons why I love gloryhole live cam action and I’m going to do my bests to share each and every one of them with you right now.

gloryhole cams

Four Main Reasons To Love Gloryhole Cam Girls

If these four reasons don’t get you excited enough to want to watch these girls suck dick through a hole, then maybe this cam site stuff just isn’t for you. Good, now that we got that out of the way, here are all the main reasons why I love this stuff!

Hot Girls Sucking Random Dick

Honestly, what is better than watching a hot girl suck a random dick? I literally pay good money anytime I can to watch this happen and even better, I enjoy getting random BJs from just about any girl willing to slob on my knob. This reason alone should be plenty for you to want to get chatting immediately with some horny cam girl.

They Love Pleasing Guys

Most of the gloryhole girls sucking dick live through a hole love to please the men on the other side of the wall. They’ll spend anywhere up to two hours working a guys cock until it explodes with cum. Heck, some of the girls will do more during a gloryhole session just to please a guy because they haven’t got a clue what’s on the other side.

Never Know What They’ll Do

The suspense always kills me and not knowing their next move is something that I truly love. I’ve seen these gloryhole situations go from good to great in a matter of seconds. One minute some local girl is sucking a guy off. The next, she’s backing up into his cock shoving it deep inside her tight asshole. I mean, does it really get any better than that? I think not!

They Often Don’t Know They’re On Cam

Believe it or not, some of the Camsoda girls may not even know they’re on webcam. It’s because they’re being filmed via a hidden cam and that makes things really interesting. If you’re a guy that’s into voyeur cams, then you’ll appreciate the fact that many of these girls would do just about anything to get off themselves. They’ll even fuck and suck a random dick just for some personal sexual pleasure.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to connect with some of the most amazing cam girls on this planet, then I don’t know what will. If you haven’t experienced what it’s like to watch a girl take on a gloryhole session live on cam, then you have not lived life to the fullest extent! If you’re interested in checking out these types of shows, they might I suggest visiting this site to see what girls are online now!

Why Cam Girls Are The Ultimate Friends With Benefits


I’ve been using cam sites for longer than I can even remember. I’ve also had some local FBWs aka friends with benefits that helped me hook up when I had no one to turn towards. Now, since I’ve been using this cam site and others, I’ve completely shunned my typical friends with benefits. I have valid reasons for doing so. No, it’s not because the sex was bad. Find out why I firmly believe that cam girls should be considered the ultimate FWB!

Camsoda Girls Versus Friends With Benefits

Reasons Cam Models Are Awesome Friends With Benefits

These are the main reasons why I like to cam with hotties versus meeting some random local fuck buddy down the street. Find out why I prefer these hot cam babes over local pussy.

Never Ask Questions

One thing you’ll learn pretty quickly is that cam girls will never ask questions about your sex life. If you’re fucking a ton of girls, they really don’t care. The only thing they’ll be asking is whether or not you’re a fetish type guy that has some weird desires in the bedroom. Nothing to worry about, just tell them what they are.

They’re Only An Email Away

I consider cam girls to be the best FWBs because they literally are one simple email away. I mean, no beating around the bush or setting up some time to meet down the street. Fuck all that noise. Instead, you’ve got the ultimate dating experience just through clicking send and “poof” they’re notified that you want to bang tonight.

Cheaper Than A Local Date

I hate having to spend money on food, drinks, and other things when taking friends out. Sure, they may give you some real head but I’d prefer to save my money and buy a nice steak dinner for myself instead. Cam girls, on the other hand, they go the extra mile to give you what you want as quickly as possible and as cheap as possible.

Less Effort

How much effort is required to get naked, turn on your computer and jerk off? Not much at all right? I know, which is one of the main reasons why I love these cam babes so much. You don’t have to get all dressed up to meet someone. You simply hang out in your boxers at home downing Cheetos and diet coke until the cows come home. Then you can hit up a cam girl anytime you’d like. Simple as that really!

They Always Listen

Make no mistake about it, if you have something to say to a webcam girl then she’s going to listen. That’s her job and she will listen to all you want. Most of the time these girls are willing to not only do anything you want but they’ll listen to anything that you have to say. It’s a known fact that many of them are willing to even sit there and play psychologist if that’s what you need. Friends with benefits won’t give you the time of day for that stuff.

These reasons alone are plentiful enough for any commonsense man to choose a cam girl over an FWB any day of the week!

Private Chat Room Tips For 2017


Believe it or not, I spent new years eve using my favorite private chat room online instead of hitting the clubs to party with people. I did this because I knew that it would be cheaper and it would lead to a quicker sense of satisfaction versus any other options.

Since it’s the beginning of the new year, I want to share some new private chat room tips that will help you enjoy more quality time with horny cam girls in exclusive chat sessions. As you know, I’m a sucker for big booty hoes that love showing off their goods! Here are some tips to start off the new year right.

Best Private Chat Room Tips For 2017

My Private Chat Room Tips For A Successful 2017

I’ll do my best to not take up too much of your time today. Instead, I’ll share some of the simplest yet most important new private chat room tips that are likely to lead you to have some fun with these horny cam girls online. In the event that you’re not familiar with what chatting or cam sites are then you need to take some action to learn what they are fast!

Don’t Be Afraid

My first tip for you is to not be afraid to take action using the site. You need not be shy in the private rooms. There is a reason that the chat rooms are private, it’s so that you can open up about things and chat openly with women. Do not be afraid to tell them that you have a weird fetish of some sort. They love it and may even encourage you to open up to them from time to time!

Tip Well

Look, if you meet a girl that you really like, then I suggest you tip her very well. The reason I say this is because she’s going to do whatever you want her to do time and time again if you treat her well financially. I’ve spent so many nights chatting for hours with girls and tipping them 20% sometimes 30% just because I know that I’ll get preferred treatment and perhaps even fuck them in person in the future.

Compliment Them

Always compliment the girls and let them know how special you think they are. More guys try to avoid doing this and it literally hurts them doing so. I strongly suggest that you tell the girls just how pretty you think they really are. Let them know how badly you want to bang them in the event that you do.

Show Your Dick

Trust me, the cam girls want to see you jerk off live and stroke your cock. If you don’t want to show them your goods, then fine. I’m telling you, though it gives you a huge boost in terms of points with the girls. The more turned on they are, the more you will get in return from them.

Well, once again, Happy New Year and make 2017 your best year yet! Don’t be foolish one bit! Take these horny cam girls out of the private chat rooms and into an exclusive chat whenever possible.

Five Signs A Webcam Girl Likes You


You can never be sure of whether a webcam girl likes you or not. All women and girls are different and so is every relationship. It’s especially difficult to tell when the girl is a cam model. There’s some important advice that I have for you if you want to better understand whether a girl likes you or not. If you have been interested in someone for some time and haven’t had the guts to approach them or talk to them, you might first want to confirm whether or not she is actually into you.

signs a webcam girl likes you

Five Simple Signs That A Webcam Girl Likes You

There are some true tell tale signs that a cam chick likes you. I can guarantee that if she’s doing any of the things mentioned, then she probably likes you. I know that some of this stuff better applies to those that are dating local girls but the same applies to cam models.


Mimicking is probably the biggest form of connection between two individuals. Mimicking allows you to develop a great connection between yourself and the person you are trying to flirt or connect with. It is sort of a way of showing that you are truly interested in them. You’ll need to go one-on-one in a private chat to do this but that’s easy to do on Camsoda.

Body Temperature

Body temperature is an important factor in assessing whether or not a girl likes you. If a cam girl tells you that she’s getting warm and feeling hot then it’s likely because you’re turning her on and heating her up. Once we become interested in someone, we typically experience a rush of blood to our heads that can make our lips warm and give us a very warm feeling in general. Men have a habit of noticing all these little signs and body temperature is one of the biggest ones of them.

Hair Flipping

If she is flipping her hair for you, she is probably into you. Most cam models love to play with their hair and there is some serious truth behind them doing it. If a girl touches her hair a lot on cam, she probably likes you for more than one reason. Most men pick up on this sign pretty quickly. Playing with her hair just shows how comfortable she is in front of you. Therefore, you should take this as a sign that she really likes you. I love chatting with girls on webcam that spend time flipping their hair.


Ahem, yes, touching is an integral part of any relationship and if a girl touches herself or says she wants to touch you, chances are that she is into you. When we like each other, we are more likely to want to touch one another. If a girl touches her pussy on cam, then she’s probably into you. Most people don’t realize that some girls can get away with just getting naked and that’s it. So when a girl touches her pussy on cam for you without you asking then she’s probably really into you. Touching is crucial and a significant part of any relationship, even one with a camgirl that you’ve never met in person. Some of the girls may even use cyber dildonics and if they touch themselves with that type of toy without you asking then you know they really like you.


Laughing is a direct indication that the person you like is into you. If a girl laughs when she looks at you or is camming with you, she really enjoys chatting with you. A girl doesn’t laugh just for the fuck of it. Take laughter as a sign that she likes you and actually wants to chat with you. When I get in private chats with some of these girls, I always make it a point to try and make the girls laugh.

Now, it’s not even all that important that a webcam girl even like you. After all, you are paying for her services. However, it does help you have a better experience and get more out of every chat that you have with someone.

My Streamate Review And Why I Prefer Camsoda Instead


If you don’t know who Streamate is then that’s just fine. I don’t use that cam site anyway anymore. I’ve spent a lot of time on a number of cam sites before making cam soda my favorite site. Having said that, I want to tell you why I don’t use Streamate anymore. There are plenty of reasons why and I’ll be sure to make it clear why. Here’s a run down of why I genuinely prefer using over Streamate and every other webcam site.

my streamate review

Official Streamate Screenshot of Homepage

I Prefer Camsoda Over Streamate For These Few Reasons

Typically, I don’t bring other cam sites into the mix but this time I decided to take a different approach. I had been using Stream mate for years before turning to Camsoda. Then one day, I decided to try Camsoda and did for hours on end. It was a game changer for me. I was able to learn so much about the site and why it was so much better than other sites. It changed my life and these are the reasons why…

Nicer Girls
Sure, Streamate has a lot of girls but the girls on Camsoda are far nicer. I’m talking so nice that they will basically do anything you want for free. That’s how nice they are. I ended tipping the nice cam girl showing me her pussy just because she was doing it all for free. I like a girl with a healthy attitude that cares about others and the girls I met my first day on Camsoda showed me that.

Easier To Use
Striate can seem a bit complex for someone that’s never joined a cam site. You’ve got to just through hoops to message girls. You have to log onto the site to read the emails that you send and receive the girls. Camsoda is so much easier to use. You can communicate with girls using their Instagram accounts, Snapchat accounts and more. When I was using SMate, they didn’t allow you to even provide any external contact information between cam girls and users. I love how cam soda doesn’t limit or restrict your communication efforts.

Meet Girls In Person
I’ve never been able to meet any webcam models on Streamate. However, I’ve successfully be able to meet up with at least one of the Camsoda models to bang (not disclosing which). It made me realize that some of the girls that work as chat models are real people and they like to fuck guys they chat with. Using Streamate for a few years, I never met anyone ever. That’s not to say that you can’t, I’m just here to say that you can on Camsoda.

Since Streammate is an older site, it is assumed that the technology is aged as well. That said, I personally think that Camsoda is faster and works better on mobile. For years, Streamate required that you download and install some strange software on your smartphone if you wanted to even use it.

Those reasons alone should be enough to convince you to use my favorite free cam site versus Streamate. I’ve been doing this a long time and my advice should not be taken lightly. I think when someone that has spent thousands on a certain activity and gives you advice, you should take it and run with it.

Cam Girls Can Now Masturbate Anywhere With This Sweater!


Okay, so there’s a good chance that you’ve wanted to get off at some point when it was completely inappropriate. I can guarantee that others have and that the thought had crossed your mind once, twice or maybe even a shitload of times. Cam girls like to masturbate and they need a way to do it easily to practice for shows.

Contrary to what most people think, this sudden urge to masturbate doesn’t just happen to guys. It happens to girls as well. The folks over at Camsoda know how dire straits some people get when it comes to wanting to cum. They’ll do just about anything to make it happen.

cam girls masturbate wearing weter sweater

Well, some of the Camsoda models got together and were talking about masturbating in public. I think they wanted to hack a better way to enjoy masturbating in front of people without getting caught. If there were only something that would make it easier for girls to hide themselves finger banging in the library and other places…

Eureka! Let me introduce you to the Wetter Sweater! This mastubating tactic device was created by the Camsoda brainchild. It’s the shit and allows any cam model to practice fucking herself anywher without ever getting in trouble or noticed.

Let me introduce you to the Wetter Sweater! This masturbating tactic device was created by the brainchild. It’s the shit and allows any cam model to practice fucking herself anywhere without ever getting in trouble or noticed.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

The girls can now go in any cam to cam chat session with some horny guy and masturbate like pros until they squirt their pussy juices all over the place! Why? Well, only because they can practice 24/7 and that makes a huge difference. I guarantee that if you run into Dani Daniels in public and it’s slightly chilly out, she’s bound to have the Wetter Sweater on. Perfect for any paralegal, secretary, accountant, or just a desk jockey that hates their fucking job to the core. Girls, pick up a wetter sweater and become more in touch with the inner you (pun intended). Then once you perfect that, start web camming on this cam site and your life will be complete! It’s the best invention I’ve seen since the fucking light bulb!

A Few Reasons Camgirls Love Their Jobs


I typically don’t write updates on camgirls and their jobs. I mostly focus on the girls and their crazy naked cam show antics. That said, I’m going to start sharing some insight on other aspects of camgirls and their lives. Today I’m going to tell you exactly why they love their jobs.

camgirls love work

Four Main Reasons Why Camgirls Love Their Jobs

Any girls that are thinking about becoming a cam model should read this post. I’ve got enough reasons listed below why you should think about joining a cam site and to perform daily.

Work From Home
For starters, who doesn’t want to work from home? I don’t know about you but I love working from home (when I can) so I know what it’s like. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Working from home means that cam girls can work almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they really want to do so. That means they can work at their leisure too. I know lots of cam girls that spend 12 hours a day live on cam and I can almost guarantee that it’s something these girls really love doing.

Make Money In Their Sleep
Some girls don’t just do live shows. They create videos for guys and even make and sign photos for fans that take them private. Others post these videos and sell them on cam sites. That means that they can often make money in their sleep (if guys buy the videos). It’s a great feeling to make money when you sleep.

Get To Cum Daily
Not everyone gets to cum or have an orgasm every single day. Not to mention, most of us don’t actually get paid to do it! Well, webcam girls get to do so and that’s one of the things that many people dream about. There are so many people in this world that don’t have the chance to orgasm often enough. Cam girls are not in that category of people!

Do What They Love
If you have a job that you love doing, it’s not considered to be work. I know for a fact that majority of the girls that do live cam shows absolutely love what they do. That alone says a lot about camming. I can’t stress enough how awesome of a feeling it is to love doing something while at the same time being able to masturbate and get paid for doing so. It’s pretty much incredible.

These are just a few of the many reasons why cam girls love having sex on live webcam. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle that most dream of having. Don’t be shy, if you’re a girl and you want to try this out then I strongly suggest that you do so. If you’re a guy and you want to learn what it’s like, just take a girl into a private chat. You’ll learn everything you need to know about it!

Freaky Sex Requests For Cam Girls


If you are new to the webcam sex industry then you probably haven’t had a chance to chat live for free with one of the girls. You need to get a feel for what these girls do and what they will do for you before you start spending money. What I will say is that some of these girls have some real freaky sex requests that guys submit to them. Most cam customers submit basic everyday requests but some are stranger or more taboo type stuff. All of it is pretty much acceptable but you need to understand which freaky sex requests are more popular than others. The reason you want to know about them is because you may find yourself wanting to do something online with one or two cam models in the near future.

freaky sex requests

Six Freaky Sex Requests Cam Girls Often Get

These six freaky sex requests are not requests that you should refrain from asking. I’m not sharing them with you so you don’t ask them. Quite the contrary really. I am sharing them with you in the event that you decide you want to ask some girl on cam to do something for you that might not seem all that normal or common. You’re not the only one that asks crazy shit online. Trust me on this one!

Huge Dildo
Almost every girl will get many requests for huge dildo insertions. More often than not, web cam girls are more than willing to insert huge dildos and other toys into their pussies without batting an eyelash. They don’t even think twice about how big or obscure the request may be. It’s actually quite common for cam girls to enjoy doing this and they get asked to do so a lot!

Milk Pouring
Some guys love watching girls with big tits pour milk all over their big boobies. It’s a common enough request that girls even list this in their cam profiles. The trick here is that the bigger the tits, the more fun the milk pouring! This can be really messy so some girls might not want to do it but it’s not an uncommon request. Yes, it is a bit freaky but lots of guys have a lactating fetish and this helps address it.

Penis Humiliation
Some guys are freaks and they like to be treated like shit. They love having cam girls tell them how small and pathetic their tiny cocks are. This is called penis humiliation and it’s one fo the most common freaky sex requests that cam girls get. It’s also one of the easiest for them to fulfill. I guess some guys get off being told that their dick isn’t adequate enough. I’m not into that but perhaps others out there get off to this type of thing.

Name Calling
This one goes along with the penis humiliation. Some guys like to be called crazy names. They want to feel like they are worthless and have nothing to live for other than their cum. They like to be completely stepped on verbally and treated like the biggest fucking loser in the world. You better believe that some cam girls really love doing this and they do it quite well too!

Food Smashing
This freaky request can get a bit messy but many cam models are willing to do it for the right price. It involves rubbing food all over their naked bodies. Food smashing is the term and it’s pretty common for people to ask these webcam models to smear food all over their naked sexy bodies. I’ve requested this just for fun and it was pretty wild.

Step Mom and Son Roleplay
This request is pretty fucking obvious. It’s the typical step mom and step son roleplaying request. Sure, it’s a bit freaky but not far fetched and it’s happened on multiple occasions in real life I’m sure. This is one request that you can bet happens quite often.

As for more, you know that many other freaky sex requests come in all the time. I could sit here and list out a hundred of them for you! Instead, I’m going to let you use your own imagination and instead spend time asking the college cam girls whatever it is that you want them to do! They need that money anyway!