Freaky Sex Requests For Cam Girls


If you are new to the webcam sex industry then you probably haven’t had a chance to chat live for free with one of the girls. You need to get a feel for what these girls do and what they will do for you before you start spending money. What I will say is that some of these girls have some real freaky sex requests that guys submit to them. Most cam customers submit basic everyday requests but some are stranger or more taboo type stuff. All of it is pretty much acceptable but you need to understand which freaky sex requests are more popular than others. The reason you want to know about them is because you may find yourself wanting to do something online with one or two cam models in the near future.

freaky sex requests

Six Freaky Sex Requests Cam Girls Often Get

These six freaky sex requests are not requests that you should refrain from asking. I’m not sharing them with you so you don’t ask them. Quite the contrary really. I am sharing them with you in the event that you decide you want to ask some girl on cam to do something for you that might not seem all that normal or common. You’re not the only one that asks crazy shit online. Trust me on this one!

Huge Dildo
Almost every girl will get many requests for huge dildo insertions. More often than not, web cam girls are more than willing to insert huge dildos and other toys into their pussies without batting an eyelash. They don’t even think twice about how big or obscure the request may be. It’s actually quite common for cam girls to enjoy doing this and they get asked to do so a lot!

Milk Pouring
Some guys love watching girls with big tits pour milk all over their big boobies. It’s a common enough request that girls even list this in their cam profiles. The trick here is that the bigger the tits, the more fun the milk pouring! This can be really messy so some girls might not want to do it but it’s not an uncommon request. Yes, it is a bit freaky but lots of guys have a lactating fetish and this helps address it.

Penis Humiliation
Some guys are freaks and they like to be treated like shit. They love having cam girls tell them how small and pathetic their tiny cocks are. This is called penis humiliation and it’s one fo the most common freaky sex requests that cam girls get. It’s also one of the easiest for them to fulfill. I guess some guys get off being told that their dick isn’t adequate enough. I’m not into that but perhaps others out there get off to this type of thing.

Name Calling
This one goes along with the penis humiliation. Some guys like to be called crazy names. They want to feel like they are worthless and have nothing to live for other than their cum. They like to be completely stepped on verbally and treated like the biggest fucking loser in the world. You better believe that some cam girls really love doing this and they do it quite well too!

Food Smashing
This freaky request can get a bit messy but many cam models are willing to do it for the right price. It involves rubbing food all over their naked bodies. Food smashing is the term and it’s pretty common for people to ask these webcam models to smear food all over their naked sexy bodies. I’ve requested this just for fun and it was pretty wild.

Step Mom and Son Roleplay
This request is pretty fucking obvious. It’s the typical step mom and step son roleplaying request. Sure, it’s a bit freaky but not far fetched and it’s happened on multiple occasions in real life I’m sure. This is one request that you can bet happens quite often.

As for more, you know that many other freaky sex requests come in all the time. I could sit here and list out a hundred of them for you! Instead, I’m going to let you use your own imagination and instead spend time asking the college cam girls whatever it is that you want them to do! They need that money anyway!

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