How To Chat Without Getting Caught


Let’s face it, some of you aren’t single. Some of you don’t have the luxury that us bachelors have. We can without a doubt, spends hours online staring at naked chat models without ever getting in trouble. If you’re married or you have a girlfriend, you’re not completely shit out of luck. You can still spend some quality time with these naughty cam girls and can even get them naked without putting yourself at risk. I’m going to give you a few pointers on how you can accomplish all of this!

dont get caught

Chat With Girls Without Getting Caught

Here are a few tips that will help you chat with hot cam models without causing any issues with your girlfriend or wife. I recommend that you read this closely and take notes because I’m 100% positive these tips will keep you safe and sound with your significant other while still enjoying a few nice cam shows.

Clear Browser History

The most important thing to remember is to clear your computer history. This is super important especially if you share a computer or device with your wife or girlfriend. They may get super pissed off if they find out that you’ve been browsing online looking at cam girls. Don’t make the mistake of not clearing your history and getting in trouble. When it can be avoided, it’s best to avoid it!

Use A Spare Credit Card

If you have a credit card that your wife or girlfriend don’t open, then I suggest you use that to charge your cam shows with the girls. You don’t want her to open up a statement and find something that you regret then I suggest you put it on a credit card that your girl doesn’t look at or can’t get her hands on. The good news is that most of the sites have a very discreet billing policy. So the chances of you getting caught are very slim if she does get your credit card statement. I always like to think, better safe than sorry though!

Do It Home Alone

I do not suggest trying to get a cam show in in the event that you have someone else at your house. I can almost guarantee that it will turn into a disaster if you do. You get caught in a naked video show with another girl you might get in big fucking trouble.

Use A Mobile Device

I use my phone and iPad to have cam chats on I almost never use my main computer to chat. The reason I don’t is because I want to be extra cautious with what device I chat online with. Just in case someone comes over and needs to use my computer.

I’ve basically laid out a fool proof way that you can have a successful chat session with the girl of your choice online and all without ever getting caught.


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