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If you’re going to chat with the infamous Laura Lux, then you might as well know everything there is to know about her. This review explains all the fun facts about Laura and why you need to be chatting with this perfect DJ who turned into an amazing webcam girl.

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Facts About Laura Lux

Here are some facts about Laura that you need to know before chatting with her…

Full Name: Laura Lux

Known As: Ashlee Adams

Date of Birth: August 23, 1984

Occupation: DJ and Cam Girl

Born In: Australia

Gender: Female

Speaks: English

Sexual Preference: I’m Not Sure

Hair Color: Naturally Brown

Profession: DJ & Cam Girl

Eyes: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5’8″

Body Type: Perfectly Curvy

Breast: A Good Handful

Tattoos: Lots of Ink

Laura Lux Is A Real Nudist

It’s not very often that you come across a real nudist. These are people who just prefer to live their lives without any clothes on at on. That’s what you get with Laura Lux. She hates to have clothes covering her body and she takes them all off as soon as she gets home. It’s not just to get naughty, either.

Anyone who sees her at home is likely to see her in her kitchen with her massive tits hanging out as she bakes a cake for a special occasion. It’s just how she’s wired and she never makes any excuses for it. The only problem is that it can be difficult to have friends and other company over when you’re always naked.

That’s why she’s always on her cam with her friends. She can be totally naked the whole time and she knows that she’s never going to be judged for it at all.

It Turns Her On…Being Naked

Naturally, you can’t spend that much time being naked without it having an effect on your pussy. She’s always horny and she always has to stop what she’s doing to give herself a nice orgasm. It doesn’t matter which room she happens to be in. She has cummed in every single room of her house and she’s not going to stop any time soon.

Even if it happens to be cold, she’s still going to find a way to let her tits out for the day. It usually leads to her oiling them up so they’re nice and soft then spreading her legs to give her pussy a few fingers to play with.

If she’s home, then she’s naked, and if she’s naked, then she’s probably touching herself. That’s why her cam is always a destination for people who just want to watch a gorgeous girl cum.

Laura Is Always Hot

No matter what she’s wearing, or not wearing, she’s always going to look hot. She’s a milf with an inked-up perfect body (similar to Octobooty aka Daizha) that everyone wants to touch. Her ass is perfect and her tits are massive.

They’re enhanced so she can turn on as many people as possible with them. She knows that they get her the attention that she craves and she’s more than happy to show them off at any time of the day or night. No one ever has to ask, they’re just out and proud, like they should be.

Conclusion: Hang Out With Laura Lux Today

Laura Lux is on cam and she’s naked. Her tits are out and she’s oiling them up right now. You can let all of that happen without you or you can hang out with her and enjoy the view.

It’s totally up to you, but she loves to show off just as much as she loves to be naked. You can spend your time with a gorgeous and naked woman or you can spend it with people who have to wear clothes. It’s up to you but you know which one you’d prefer.

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