Malibu Bomb Profile & Personal Facts


This update talks about the former Camsoda cam model Malibu Bomb. I’ve covered all the things that I love about her and why you need to spend time with her in a live one-on-one session. The problem is that she’s not camming any longer, but still hot enough to mention!

Malibu Bomb

Malibu Bomb Is Wide Open For You

The biggest problem with most women is that they’re only ever interested in getting their pussies fucked. That’s fine for them, but it’s never that much fun for anyone else. If you really want to have a good time, then you need to find an anal girl.

That’s a woman who’s learned that taking it up the ass is even more satisfying than the hole that you’re supposed to use. That’s exactly the kind of girl that Malibu Bomb is. She learned a long time ago that having the most intense orgasms of her life only requires a good, hard-ass fucking and that’s what she’s always after.

It doesn’t matter if she’s all alone or with another person. Her ass is always going to be open and it’s always going to be getting a lot more attention than any other part of her body and that’s the way that she likes it.

She Brings In Her Friends

That’s enough to let anyone know that she’s going to be the best time that they can have, but she doesn’t stop there. She has plenty of horny girlfriends that are always happy to join her on her cam.

They know that it’s the best way to get something that they’re never going to be able to forget. No one else is going to be willing to go to the lengths that this woman does and she always has their orgasms on her mind.

It doesn’t hurt that they all love anal just as much as she does so she knows how to get them off.

She Likes To Lose Control

As long as she’s getting the ass treatment that she needs, she’s always happy to hand over control of her body to the men and women watching her on cam. She has her interactive sex toy inside her the entire time she’s online and she loves it when people set it off.

It reminds her that she’s there to make them happy before she makes herself happy. If the other people want to make her cum then they can do it. If they want to edge her until she has to beg to be allowed an orgasm, then that’s fine, too.

No matter what you want to do to her, she’s always willing to take it as long as it ends in a powerful orgasm for every person involved.

Conclusion: Give Malibu Bomb Her Anal Today

Malibu Bomb needs to have her anal sex every single day. She’s on her cam and just waiting for someone who can provide it for her. Just let her know all of the filthy things you want to see her do and she’ll make you happy.

All you have to do is promise to let Malibu Bomb have plenty of time to fuck her asshole while you watch. That’s an even trade for anyone who wants to see a gorgeous mature woman cum over and over again while she plays on her cam.

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