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Have you ever spent time with one of the models at Camsoda? I’m talking about super-exclusive one-on-one time? If not, you’re missing out big time. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the one and only Nat. She goes by NatsXRoom on Camsoda. If you haven’t checked out her room then I strongly suggest doing so. This is the URL to her profile,, check it out and learn why I’m all about spending time with her. In the meantime, you should def read my review and find out what I know about her and her private shows.

Natsxroom Reviews

NatsXRoom Review: FYI, Nat Loves To Play For Hours

There are a lot of cam girls out there who only put in the least amount of time that they can. Nat isn’t a girl like that. She loves to spend hours upon hours with the people who enjoy watching her. It’s what she does whenever she’s not watching TV. It’s how she spends her free time and everyone is very lucky for it. You can get into her room at any time and she’s very likely to be in there.

NatsXRoom Does More Than Cam

She’ll stick around long after she cums and will typically have another few orgasms before she even thinks about calling it a night. She has a curvy body, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes.

She also wears sexy glasses if you’re into geeks. It suits her since she’s always watching documentaries and listening to podcasts. Her tits are a perfectly natural 36 D cup and she has more than enough piercings to keep your eyes moving all over her hot body.

She Just Learned To Squirt

The best thing about her is that she just learned how to make herself squirt. It was totally by accident and she just couldn’t control herself. She was on her cam with everyone in the room controlling her favorite vibrator. They kept setting it off over and over again while she played with her clit.

Nat could feel that she was about to cum, but she had no idea just how hard the orgasms would be. The squirt just shot right out of her pussy and she was never the same again. Now she craves that feeling. She needs to cum that hard every single time she has an orgasm. If you really want her to notice you, the best thing you can do is set off her vibrator and make her squirt all over again.

NatsXRoom Loves To Play With Cock

Her favorite pastime is playing with any cock that happens to be in her hand. She loves to give handjobs and she loves to feel them in between her huge tits. Her mouth can take any size dick and make it feel like it was made to be in there.

If she goes too long without playing with one, she’ll pull out her favorite dildo and just work it on her cam. Her skills are something that everyone should see at least once in their life. You’ll feel like you’ve never gotten a handjob before after you see what she can do to it.

Conclusion: Nat Needs To Be Your Cam Girl

You can pick any cam girl out there, but Nat should be at the top of your list. She makes everything fun and she’s still learning better ways to fuck herself.

She loves to play with cock and she’ll tell you all about why she likes it. If you want a cam girl to spend your time with right now, head into her room. She’ll probably be there with her dildo in her hand and her vibrator in her pussy.

Well, that’s what I’ve got to share about this hottie today with you. If you’ve not created a profile on Camsoda, do it here now. Then contact her asap for some real fun!

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