Official Review of Lauren Hammelton


This is my official review of the hot cam model Lauren Hammelton. Find out what you need to know about her and why she’s the hottest girl on the Camsoda block!

lauren hammelton cam review

Lauren Hammelton Is A Filthy Girl

There are some people out there who know that sex is supposed to be sloppy. It’s what makes it fun to have. It should be sticky and it should leave you feeling filthy and exhausted. That’s the kind of sex that Lauren Hammelton likes to have. She’s just not enjoying herself if she doesn’t have to shower after she cums.

Even if she’s alone, she still needs to be a sloppy and filthy girl. She’ll spit on her tits and suck on her dildo until she can’t help but drool all over herself. It lets her know that she’s having a good time and that’s she’s using her own body as much as she possibly can. She learned how to be a dirty girl on her own and now she loves to share it with as many people as she possibly can on her cam.

She Has A Hot Young Body

She’s a 24-year-old girl with a body that can drive you mad with desire. She’s slim and thick at the same time. She has a big ass that she loves to shake and jiggle while she’s on her knees. She has brown hair and eyes that let you know that she’s always thinking about sex.

She has a perfect set of tits that completely fill out a 32 DD cup. They’re completely natural and they always will be. She loves to play with them and show them off to anyone who wants to see them. They get her all of the attention that she wants and she’s always wearing a tight shirt to make sure that everyone can get a good look at them. If you love boobs then you’re going to love what she has for you on her chest.

She Can Squirt

If there’s one thing that’s the best about her, it’s that she can make herself squirt whenever she wants. She likes to set her thickest dildo so it’s standing up on the floor. Then she rides it as hard as she possibly can until her pussy explodes all over the floor.

Getting the floor dirty is just as much fun as getting herself dirty. It’s how she cums the hardest and she’s always looking for an excuse to show you how hard she can squirt on her cam. Just ask her and she’ll be more than happy to do it.

Conclusion: Lauren Hammelton Will Make You Happy

Lauren Hammelton is the kind of girl that you really need in your life. She loves to be dirty and she wants to get dirty with you. She can squirt whenever you want and she has more than enough toys to keep you coming back for more.

One look at her hot body is enough to let you know that you need to spend as much time with her as you possibly can. Check out her room and you’ll know that you’re in the right place to enjoy a hot girl and her hot body.

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