Purple Haired Veronica Smith Chat Review


Today’s special cam girl of the day is none other than the beautiful Veronica Smith. She is a top model over at Camsoda.com and one that you’ll certainly enjoy spending time with. If you’re into Colombian women, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE this hottie! Find out what this purple-haired hottie can do for you during an exclusive chat session.

Veronica Smith

My Review Of Camsoda’s Veronica Smith

I’ll kick things off with something special, Veronica’s talents playing dress-up…

Veronica Smith Loves To Play Dress-up

There are some girls who love to bring their passion for dressing up into the bedroom. Veronica Smith is one of those girls. She has a whole lot of outfits that she loves to try on for the camera. She also really loves getting into the character. If she’s dressed up as a schoolgirl, she’s going to be acting sweet and innocent. Of course, that’s only until the fuck machine comes out.

If she’s dressed up in her sexy lingerie, Her libido is going to be at 11 from the second she turns on her cam. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes for a very alluring and sensual look. Her tits are perfectly small and totally natural. She loves to have them on display, no matter what she happens to be wearing. Her petite little body is more than enough to get you hard with a single glance.

She’s A Schoolgirl Who Can Squirt

Everyone wants to fuck a hot and sexy schoolgirl and some people actually get the chance. How many of them get the chance to fuck one who squirts, though? The answer is anyone who’s ever fucked this girl. She can make her pussy squirt clear across the room. Veronica’s not just doing it for you. She only squirts when she has the most powerful orgasms that she can handle.

Her entire body shakes and she just can’t stop herself from screaming and moaning over her vibrator. She has plenty of toys to get her right to the edge, but it’s her trusty wand that gets her over it. You’ll never be able to stop her from coming and soaking her entire bedroom once it comes out to play. You shouldn’t really want to, either. Someone as hot as Veronica deserves it.

Both Holes Are Open For Business

As if she could get any more desirable, she’s also a back door girl. She loves to get her tight little asshole filled to stretching. You’ve never seen a more satisfied girl than when you’ve seen her with a dildo in each hole.

If she can’t get double penetrated, then why get penetrated at all? Her fuck machine is ideal for filling up one of her holes. You can even suggest the one you’d like to see it in. The other hole is going to get her interactive vibrator so you can play along with her.

Conclusion: Veronica Smith Does It All (And She’s Amazing)

It doesn’t matter what you’re after, Veronica Smith can give it to you. From cosplay to down and dirty DP, she’s got it all covered. You’ll never have to play with one girl more than once with her. Just ask her to get one of the outfits on. She’ll be any girl that you want her to be. Trust me, she will enjoy every single minute of it, too. Just take one step into her room and you’ll never be the same again. She has the power to change your world for the better.

View her Camsoda profile here.

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