Busty Colombian Kim Sugarr Camming


I’m a lover of cam girls and especially the ones that come from Colombia. There are some really hot girls that flaunt their good on webcam and I’d say the majority of them come from South America. That’s me being biased, I know. Occasionally I go for the thicker girls and this one is no exception. Her name is Kim Sugarr and she’s fire for sure! Check out my review of this curvy Colombian babe.

Kim Sugarr

Kim Sugarr From Colombia

If you love a good, curvy girl, then you need to see Kim Sugarr. She’s the hottest one out there and she just loves to show herself off. Her body has the power to turn anyone on and she knows it. She also loves it. It’s why she always has it on full display for you. You never have to ask her to show it off. It’s what she wants to do in the first place.

Her clothes are always ready to come off and she’s always ready to run her hands all over her body. She has brown hair and brown eyes. It gives her a very exotic look that she loves to play with. Her body is curvier than most of the women on cam can every hope to be. Her tits are a natural 36 DD cup (like this Colombian model) and she hasn’t covered up a single inch of herself with tattoos or piercings.

Her Ass Is Always Open For Business

Best of all, she’s an anal loving girl. It doesn’t take much to see her spread her cheeks wide and show off her back door. It’s one of her best features. If it’s what you really want to see, then it’s going to be right in your face. It’s just the kind of girl that she is.

@KimSugarr wants to give you everything that you need from her. That’s why she’s on her cam in the first place. She loves to make people happy and this is the best way that she can do it. You never have to beg and you never have to go away without getting what you wanted. She always makes sure to tend to every single person in her room. She wants you to have a good time every single day that you visit her.

Curvy Kim Likes Playing In The Kitchen

You can’t have a name like Sugar and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. She didn’t get her curvy body by not eating. She likes to play with her food and eat it in the most sensual way that she possibly can. Bananas are a favorite, but there are always others that she can eat for you. It depends on what you want to see. All you have to do is ask and she’ll see what she can do. She always wants to be as accommodating as she possibly can for you.

Conclusion: Check Out Kim Sugarr Right Now

Kim Sugarr is in her room and just waiting for someone to have fun with. She has plenty of ideas on how to make that happen. She just needs you there with her so she can get it all started. Don’t make her wait any longer than she really has to. She wants to have fun with you just as much as you want to have fun with her. Get in there and see what she’s all about. You’ll never be sorry for it.

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Amelia Vallejo Love’s It When It’s Erotic


The one and only Amelia Vallejo is here to show everything you need to know about the wild rides she gives cam fans on Camsoda.com. I’ve taken her for a spin on more than one occasion and this review tells the WHOLE story.
Amelia Vallejo

Review of Amelia Vallejo

There are cam girls out there who go straight to the nasty stuff. You don’t even have to ask. They just make it as sloppy and dirty as they possibly can. Amelia Vallejo is a change of pace. She likes it when things are more erotic. She wants to take the time to really turn you on.

Her body is something that you should savor. You should never just jump into her room and go straight to 11. It’s best to let her go slowly so she can make sure that she’s checking each and every one of your boxes. That’s just how she likes to do it. She’s naturally sexual since she’s from Colombia. Being sensual is just in her nature. Her hair and eyes are both dark brown for a very exotic look. Her body is curvy and can make all of your dreams come true. Her tits are a natural 36 D cup and never fail to impress.

She Loves To Jump Around And Twerk

One of her favorite things to do is break out her jump rope. There’s just something so sexy about letting her massive tits bounce around in front of her. She wants to hypnotize you with the way that they move. It’s the first thing that she wants to make happen.

If your eyes aren’t glued to them, then you’re just not paying enough attention. Once she has it, she’s going to move on to her twerking. Her ass is just as nice as her tits. She can make it bounce for as long as you can stand. You’ll never want to take your eyes off of it. It’s just to get you ready for the main event. That’s when she breaks out the toys and gives you the show that you really want to see.

She Loves It Up The Ass

She’s an anal girl and nothing will ever change that. Twerking was just her way of calling her attention to that area. Her next step is to lube up her dildo and slide it deep inside her taboo hole. She loves feeling every single inch of it enter her. Each new inch makes her feel more and more like a woman. Once again, she’s going to hypnotize you with the way that she moves. She’ll use her hand and ride it for as long as it takes to make herself cum for you.

Conclusion: Amelia Vallejo Is Ready To Show You Her Body

Amelia Vallejo is just waiting for you to tell her what you want to see. Her body is set to be shown off whenever you want. All you have to do is visit her room. You’ll never want to leave once you see what she has in store for you. It’s the show that you’ll want to see on a cam. If you love curvy girls, then she’s the one for you. She can give you everything, then do it all over again. Cam with her today ~ click here