ReallifeCam: Reasons I Love These Virtual Live Rooms!


I’ve been using Camsoda for a hot minute now and every single time I do, I can’t help but think how much I love the reallifecam action. If you’re not familiar with this terminology, it’s simply a term that’s used to describe cams and what’s happening on the scene with these people living life through the lens of a webcam.

In fact, the term “real life cam” become popular when people started recording themselves doing everyday things and just living their life through the lens of a webcam. Some people think of this as voyeur and others just think of it as showcasing your life and all the things that go on in your home.

reallifecam voyeur show

Reallifecam Channel Rundown

I love it and I’m always heading over to the voyeur cams section of Camsoda each time I visit the website.

This concept took off so quickly and was such a big hit that a website called actually got its start in the camming industry. They present the people within what’s called a voyeur house and it’s all private aside from being streamed on the Internet. has a dedicated channel for this type of activity and it’s called the private voyeur mansion or something like that. The bottom line is that you can watch realifecams and girls doing day-to-day things all live on cam. Yes, they are hidden camera videos kinda but the people know they are being filmed.

I spent some time in one of the voyeur cam rooms and quickly realized that one of the girls being showcased was none other than a super famous pornstar. She spent the week at the Camsoda mansion and eventually she ended up having sex with some of the other girls that lived in the mansion. I damn near fell in love and was able to jerk off while watching all this go down live and in full effect.

Why You Must Consider Camsoda’s Voyeur Mansion Channel

If you’re into real life cams, then you most definitely need to think about using the voyeur mansion channel on Here’s a short list of reasons why I love this channel…

1. The girls hold nothing back. They just live their lives and you get to see it all raw and uncut (just like Jenna).

2. They like to fuck. Shocker huh! These girls love fucking and they do a fantastic job of it too. All live and on cam.

3. Most of the girls prank each other. I love pranks and when I see one of the girls get pranked, it gets me super excited.

4. It’s free, really 100%. There’s no reason to not want to watch this, especially since it’s 100% free to use.

Conclusion: The RealLifeCams Channel Is The Best

If you’re into voyeur shows and other things of that nature, then perhaps this is the way for you to go. I’m not saying that you cannot and will not find a better channel, but this makes life worth living IMO. Check it out here!