Riley Shey Report: The Submissive Slut Loves Cum


This is a quick and dirty story about a girl named Riley Shey. She’s a cam model for Camsoda and is crazy hot. I should also mention that she’s a straight-up slut (one that I LOVE). Find out why I like her so much and why she’s considered to be a top cam girl in the CamSoda crew.

Riley Shey cam show

The Review of Riley Shey (Camming)

Most women don’t like to be called cum sluts. They think that it’s a derogatory term. That’s not at all how Riley Shey Roya feels about it. She knows what she is and she doesn’t mind being called it in the least. She’s always been a cum slut. She grew up in a very conservative household and the thought of getting covered in it always drove her wild.

Riley was a tomboy, so she was always surrounded by guys who were willing to give it to her. Now she’ll take it from anyone who’s in her line of sight. It’s just the way that she is. It’s what happens when you’re from Michigan. She has brown hair and eyes to still sell that tomboy look. Her body is petite and her tits are a stunning 38 B. They’re big for her body and that’s what makes them so amazing. No one can take their eyes off of them when she pulls them out.

She Also Loves To Squirt

One thing that no one was ever able to stop her from doing when she was growing up was squirt. It’s just a natural part of her body. When she cums, her pussy squirts all over her room. She used to have to explain why her sheets were always so soaked, but not anymore.

She’s all grown up and she can squirt wherever and whenever she wants. It’s the most freeing thing that she can do for herself. She’s always just waiting for someone to ask her to pull out her magic wand. That’s the thing that can make her squirt the most. Her pussy turns into a geyser and she’s never more satisfied than after that. All she has to do is worry about cleaning up her own sheets every single day.

She Loves To Submit

Most of all, she loves to submit to men. It’s just her nature. She wants to be told what to do. She wants to be told to take the cum that she loves so much.

It’s just by chance that she’s both submissive and a cum slut. It makes her as close to being a perfect woman as anyone can possibly be. She wants to do what she’s told and she wants to fuck all day and all night long. No one could ever ask someone to be anything more than that.

Conclusion: Riley Shey Roya Is The Cum Slut You Need

Don’t waste a single second while this girl exists. Get into her room right now and see what she has to offer you. It’s everything. She’s perfect in every way.

Tell her that you want her to cum, then tell her exactly how you want it to happen. Everything she does is up to you. She’ll never complain. She’ll simply do as she’s told. She has to. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the cum that she so desperately desires for herself.

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