What Is Camming?


I was speaking with a friend of mine that had never used a webcam. I told him that I was into camming. That person and others have recently asked me the question, “What is camming?” and I didn’t really know how to answer the question. I decided to take some time to craft a response so that people that had no idea what I was referring to would know exactly what “it” was once I was through explaining it to them.

What Is Camming

The Real Definition Of “Camming”

Some people thing of camming as being the act of video chatting with one another for a period of time. However, I completely disagree with those people. As far as I’m concerned, the definition of camming is the act of two people communicating on webcams with the intentions of turning each other on by having sex on video.

That is the true definition of camming and I think that many of the webcam models would agree with me. I’d venture to say that a number of girls would have a more work oriented definition that explains that they are getting compensated for having sex on their webcam.

What’s most important here is not how camming is defined, but how both parties enjoy the act of camming. I’ve had some incredible experiences on video with some horny cam whores. I typically don’t like to call them that but some of the girls refer to themselves as that so I’m not afraid to do the same. Although, I’d never talk to any cam models like that in person. It’s just not something that I believe in.

That said, the act of using cams for sex is an activity that many people enjoy doing and it’s something that I spend thousands of dollars doing. I don’t drink a ton of booze and I don’t spend my money on stupid shit. I rather spend money chatting with hot girls while they toy themselves until they climax.

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Lastly, I must warn you how addictive these girls can be. You may fall in love with one of them and if you do, you might get as lucky as me and you may, in fact, have a chance to fuck them in person. If you get that chance, you better do it because cam girls fuck better than any other girls I’ve had sex with.

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