Why This Is Better Than Skype Sex


If you’ve never had sex via Skype then you simply haven’t decided to live to the fullest yet. However, there are a ton of drawbacks when it comes to using Skype to chat with a girl. I’m going to give you every reason why I think you should avoid using Skype and instead only chat using a dedicated cam sex site. Some of these reasons may be shocking to you so I suggest you hold on tight. Things may get a little bumpy. Here’s a list of five reasons Camsoda is ten times better than Skype.

skype sucks

Camsoda Is Way Better Than Skype For These Main Reasons

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to get off while chatting but something goes wrong? Well, that almost always happens when you use Skype over Camsoda. Here more reasons why sex chat on Skype fucking sucks big time.

Skype Isn’t Secure
One of the main drawbacks of using other video chat apps other than Camsoda is that they simply aren’t as secure as they should be. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard about people using Skype or other video apps only to find out that someone else is listening and watching them. It’s because the application they were using wasn’t secure enough. You may have just got caught chatting too.

The good news is that Camsoda.com can’t get any more secure. When you use a site like that, you are able to put yourself out there in confidence that you’re communicating in a safe and encrypted network. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it truly is important. After all, this is a sexual experience and one you’d like to keep private I assume.

Shitty Connection
So many people are Skyping across the globe and for that reason alone the quality can sometimes suck. I always used to have connection problems when Skyping with girls. Not because my Internet was slow but because the quality of the application was garbage. It affected the connect and most of the time the calls would get dropped. What I like about Camsoda is that they have an internal buffering system that prevents this from happening. It makes the videos crystal clear and puts them in real time.

Girls Can Fuck You Over
See on Camsoda, the girls are so amazing and they never fuck anyone over because everything is tracked. Your time on the site and everything is monitored so rest assured that if a girl does you wrong (which won’t happen) then you’re safe and secure. However, if you have a video session with some random girl and you Paypal her money to chat with you, she may fuck you over big time. Trust me, it has happened to the best of us.

Camsoda Has Great Support
The subtitle kind of explains it all to you. They have amazing support and if anything goes wrong, you’re completely safe and secure. Now if you’re using Skype or some other video chatting app that’s free and something goes wrong then you are completely on your own. You will not get any help if you’re using other methods of chatting.

These are some of the main reasons why I tend to avoid using every single video chatting tool on the planet other than my Camsoda account. I believe that when you find something good you hold on tight for dear life and that is why I’ll be fucking girls live on camsoda for years to come!

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